Three Ways to Make Your Face Look Thinner in a New York Minute

by on Thursday, August 12th, 2010

It really only takes a minute to make your face look thinner. Or slimmer, or longer Рwhatever you want to call it. Whether you have a round face shape simply from biology and want a longer face look, or you have weight insecurities  Рthere are plenty of reasons to want to utilize ways to make your face look slimmer.

I’m going to focus on one way, which is the easiest way as far as I’m concerned. But let’s make note of the variety of easily attainable ways.

  • Modify your hair.
  • Modify your makeup.
  • Modify your jewelry.

How to make a face look thinner with your hair cut/color/style:

With the right hair cut, you can take weight from your face. And I know you must be curious about how to make your face look slimmer! Who isn’t? (You’d be surprised – plenty of girls think their faces are too skinny, gaunt, or long!) The idea for slimming¬† is to let your hair accent and cover the edges of your face. This is why the ideal hair cut here has layers that you slightly curl under towards the face. For hair style ideas, pulling the shortest loose pieces down to frame your face works wonders (or at least helps a little!). Contrast in hair color to your skin tone also helps. If you have pale skin, keep away from blonde hair – go black, brunette or red! If you have darker skin, try to lighten your hair with highlights, or go a shade lighter than your normal hair color. Whatever you’re doing, parting your hair in the middle is always a good start to making your face look slimmer. A good middle part with ironed hair slick straight down the sides is perfect for a round face. If you did that to someone with a long oval face already, it’d make them look droopy. But not for you!

Discover ways to make your face look thinner with: Babyliss Pro 1 1/2″ Wet-to-Dry Ultra Thin Straightening Iron. This is regarded as one of the best wet to dry straightening irons around. And if you’re like me, you have no patience for blow-drying hair before straightening it.

How to make your face look thinner with makeup:

Hopefully you aren’t entirely unaware of the idea of shading and contouring your face. What you need here is bronzer! You will literally be sculpting your face by way of using your bronzer to paint and apply shadows on your face. Have you ever seen some stupid movie where they’ve painted on (or “enhanced”) the abs of some guy? It’s just like that – but your face. Makeup is essentially paint that you use for your face. Aside from bronzer, you can just use face makeup that is darker than what you actually use. Sweep this darker shade under your cheekbone area (suck in your cheeks – apply it there!), around the sides of your hairline (sweeping it in) and under your chin but not down your nose. No! You want your eyes to look farther back (use darker eyemakeup) and then highlight the center of your face. The idea is to shade the sides of your face. Here’s a great video to help.

Discover ways to make your face look slimmer with: MAC Cosmetics Bronzer. Highly regarded as one of the best bronzers, the “Gold” or “Refined Gold” is sure to please you.

Ways to make your face look thinner with earrings:

Well, this is an easy one! To create the illusion of a thinner face, you want to accent it with long, dangling earrings! It helps draw the eye down. You don’t want an exceptionally wide earring, because that will only pull the direction of the eyes out and away. Get it? Easy as peach pie! (Which is actually, probably not easy to bake. But you get it!) This is definitely the easiest way, if you have the right earrings. And put your hair up!

Utilize ways to make your face look slimmer with: these David Aubrey Yesenia Leaf Earrings.

I hope you liked this overview of ways to make your face look slimmer!

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