The New-ish, Easy Way to Wash Your Face at Night

by on Saturday, July 25th, 2009
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Soap Bubble by squigglycircle on Flickr

Soap Bubble by squigglycircle on Flickr

Do you wash your face before bed or do you sleep with your makeup on? TSK TSK! Yes, these are some judgmental eyes looking at you as I ask that. But ONLY out of judgmental love! I swear. Because it’s not just makeup you’re leaving on your face… it’s GRIME and OIL! Who wants that soaking into their face for 8 hours? Not me. And not you. I know you don’t, because you’re smart and sweet and you always lend a dollar to your friend at the office for a Diet Coke. See, I know you. And I used to be you. *Cue cheesy music*

It’s true, I used to not wash my face before bed. You couldn’t pay me too. I actually eliminated mascara from my routine because that was the one reason that would make me feel like I HAD to wash my face at night. Otherwise I would just go around doing this and that, and then poof down into bed and sleep while listening to Sarah McLachlan music. But I’ve made the change – I’ve been washing my face before bed these days, even on the days where I’m not wearing any makeup. Why? Because it feels so much nicer to lay a clean face on a pillow. You know what else? when I’m super tired, if I wash my face, sometimes it wakes me up and I can watch an extra hour of TV! So, it’s just an all around WIN.

Sometimes you don't to deal with it all! By pyxopotamus on Flickr.

Sometimes you don't to deal with it all! By pyxopotamus on Flickr.

But I UNDERSTAND how hard it feels to make that change – to actually go through the process of washing your face before bed, especially if you haven’t been doing it for years. Well, you already know all of the reasons why it’s bad, and maybe you think your pores aren’t a priority. That’s fine. But what if I had a suggestion to help? Maybe you would consider it? GOOD!

I haven’t tried these, but what about makeup wipes? Like Revlon Makeup Remover Towelettes that you’d find at any old drugstore? Makeup remover wipes seem worth trying. The thing holding me back has been the idea of leaving soap on my face. But the makeup towlettes from Neutrogena say “Leaves skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue; no rinsing necessary” so…that’s a pretty big PRO for me.

washing your face

Beauty Tips: Use a makeup removing wipe!

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes 25 towelettes @ Amazon $8 (They’re calling it a refill pack but it just lacks a box.)

Sephora Brand FACE 25 Makeup Removing Wipes – Face, Eyes & Lips @ Amazon $8

Pond’s Clean Sweep, Cleansing & Make-up Removing Towelettes 30 ea @ Amazon $4

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