Votre Vu Skin Care Reviews: Milk Cleanser, Good Toner for Oily Skin, Lip Primer, Anti-Aging Moisturizer

by on Monday, January 7th, 2013

I’ve already provided you guys with some Votre Vu Reviews on the color side of things, and now it’s time to discuss what Votre Vu offers in the way of skin care!


Pictured above: The Votre Vu Royal Masquerade Set

Votre Vu Skin Care Reviews

Votre Vu CHAMPAGNE KISSES Review – Volume Enhancing Lip Balm

The tube is nothing fancy, but looks can be deceiving.This moisturizing lip balm gives you a healthy dose of hydration with every application. And lips soothed with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter will of course feel great, but there’s even more to this secret agent item. It’s a great lip primer, keeping your lip product from feathering as well as making the product last longer. And don’t you want a good lip balm under your tints, sticks and glosses? I always do. And the Champagne Kisses lip primer and balm actually feels like it stays under the next layer of colored lip product instead of getting blended away. I really love feeling like the products are staying where I put them… it makes me feel in control of my destiny… or at least my lips! Definitely worth a purchase.

Votre Vu FULL BENEFITS Anti-Aging Milk Cleanser for Mature Skin

I certainly don’t need to illuminate the reasons why washing your face in the morning and evening is important. But why is the Full Benefits Anti-Aging Milk Cleanser for Mature Skin from Votre Vu one that you should consider? That’s what I’m here to explain. This is a soap-free cleanser that is super gentle. It is a makeup remover, but it’s still great for your sensitive skin. I used to think I’d only feel refreshed after intense, harsh soap-based cleansers. But what I’ve come to realize is that because my skin can get dry sometimes, I want to use something gentle. And that’s why cleansers without lather and soap are great. The Votre Vu Milk Cleansers (there are three options in total)leave my face feeling totally cleansed, which is a must for me. With essential oils (avocado, jojoba) and amino acids this cleanser actually as cell regenerating benefits. Cool, right? You want your face to feel this happy, calm and clean.

BALANCED SKIN Toner for Oily Skin

This is a very good toner for oily skin. And if you have oily skin, you may not realize how CRUCIAL the toner step is! I love how Votre Vu puts it, “tone up”! Right? I know it’s simple, but think about it. You want your skin to be firm and get all the nutrients it can from your beauty products. And toner is how you’ll do it. I’ll admit I didn’t use a toner for a few years, thinking it was an unnecessary step and waste of time. Well, I have no problem admitting I was very, very wrong. And you can’t make that time up! This toner is made specifically for oily skin like mine (and yours?) that tightens pores, softens skin (with sage extract), controls shine and calms your skin so it gives you a beautiful, healthy glow. There’s no soap and this is an alcohol-free product. What’s in it? Calendula helps restore a balance to your skin, the sage helps tighten pores, and there’s even refreshing rose water. Can you think of a better combination? If you battle oily skin, you’ve got to give this a try.

FULL BENEFITS Anti-Aging Day Crème for Mature Skin

With the product tagline of, “soft skin, not soft spoken” you know you’re getting a product worth talking about. You’ll love the benefits you get from the Japanese wild yam. And yes, I said yam! This veggie stimulates hormone production, which means collagen and elastin fibers get a boost when you apply this product. There are also vegetal peptides that go to work to help your skin cells maintain the right balance of moisture. Also in this product is evening primrose oil that both helps repair and regenerate epidermal tissue. Shea Butter and grape seed extract also come to your rescue in this great product. Try this virtual fountain of youth that’s masquerading as a Anti Aging Moisturizer and see how great your skin looks.

Find it all at: VOTRE VU

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