Updating your Little Black Dress for Fall and Winter Parties

by on Monday, July 6th, 2009
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"What do I do with THIS?" Photo by le vent le cri on Flickr

"What do I do with THIS?" Photo by le vent le cri on Flickr

You Asked the Style Question: I don’t want to have to buy a ton of new dresses and skirts. How can I update a black dress for Fall & Winter parties? When I add different shoes and a necklace it doesn’t feel like enough. I wanna be stylish, but I also need to save money. – Marie, Georgia

She’s Smart Answers: Ah, a common question that’s not always easy to figure out! Let’s tackle it. It’s great to actually get some wear out of your LBD (little black dress) since too often we disregard them and they stay hanging in our closet. We rationalize that we’ll wear them all the time, so we accumulate many black dresses (I admittedly have).

And yet, once you wear one a couple times you start thinking you’ve overplayed the look. The truth is, maybe you have. So, how do you update that sucker? It’s all about the accessories – but you already know that. While we love shoes, people don’t notice them first. So don’t worry too much about switching those shoes. Let me give you a suggestion?

A fancy belt and textured tights will update your LBD  instantly. If you want to try something else, using a necklace is on the right path… But it needs to be a really BIG statement necklace  to alter things. Lucky for you, big statement necklaces are very trendy and ‘in’ for Fall/Winter right now. Anyway! I’ve prepared six different belts for you to look at, all under $50.00, and two different textured tights that are under $10.00.

bow beltItem: New York doll Elasticized Bow Belt $28.00

skinny belt
Item: J-Crew Single-wrap skinny belt in metallic $29.50

anne klein leopard belt Item: AK Anne Klein Skinny Belt at Zappos $44.00, or the Zebra Belt

rose belt

Item: Tea Rose Belt from Anthropologie $28.00

chain beltItem: Fossil Oval Chain Belt from Zappos $40.00

textured tightsItem: Textured Floral & Striped Tights from Charlotte Russe $6.99

lisbon-texture-tightsItem: Textured Tights from The Style Riot $6.00

If you have a question, e-mail me at Jessica@shessmart.com, make sure to include your name and state!

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