Making Use of Driftwood for Unique Ways to Decorate Your Room

by on Friday, April 9th, 2010
These fishies want driftwood, don't try to stop them.

These fishies want driftwood, don't try to stop them.

Call me a freakle, but I love driftwood. Nature is cool, OKAY? “What is driftwood” you ask? Well, this may stun you but it is wood that has been in the water and then drifted (probably had amazing adventures like Nemo in Finding Nemo) back onto shore.

Some people use driftwood for inside of their aquariums when they have lizards and stuff…but that’s not what I’m going to cover. Because lizards scare me. If I wanted to wake up to a pet crocodile every day then I’d go move to the Amazon or something.  (And then my life would turn into a scene from that Jennifer Lopez movie Anaconda.) So what am I interested in? Decorative driftwood! Which is just what it sounds like. Finding ways to incorporate driftwood into your apartment, house, porch or garden is cool. (If you find a way to put it into an elevator or space shuttle, then you TRULY have talent.)

You can wear driftwood, use it as a frame or frame it (driftwood seems to inspire lots of people with cameras), sit on it… basically, I’m at the point where I’m asking what CAN’T driftwood do? (It can’t record shows like tivo. It if could, I would marry it.)

Home decorating with nature:

decorative driftwood

Here a piece of charcoal colored driftwood was found and used in a display with a piece of found sea sponge. It would look pretty on a bookshelf or on a coffee table display. More.

driftwood furniture

Top driftwood with a glass tabletop and you’ve got a piece of furniture. And maybe some glue or something… (Note: This item IS over our $100 limit. But I still wanted to show it because it’s …well, you see it!) More.

driftwood necklace

A stunning necklace made of driftwood and a raku cabochon.  More.

unique mobile

Driftwood from Lake Superior was made into a modern mobile. More.

beach house sign

Driftwood was painted then tied together with rope to create this beachy sign. You can hang it anywhere, but it’d be great at a beach house. Ungh, why don’t I have a beach house?  More.

driftwood vase

Decorated to look like driftwood, this vase is kind of charming. More.

driftwood jewelry

Inspired BY a piece of driftwood, this sterling silver necklace looks undeniably charming. More.

driftwood lamp

A driftwood lamp is functional and pretty. More.

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