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by on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

I bought some things recently that I LOVE, so I wanted to share some info about them with you guys. After all, a store clerk will easily lie to you, but someone who spent their own hard-earned money to buy something will be straight-up honest with you about a product. No doubt! Yo. Uh, do I sound gangsta now? Moving on…

best fudge

I bought: Fudge!
For: My dear Dad.
From: KandyKettleKitchen on Etsy.
Specifically what I got: Creamy Fudge, Four Flavor Box – 1 lb in Chocolate and Peanut Butter Layer, Chocolate, Raspberry & Cream,  and Heath English Toffee (Check other fudge flavors here.)
Price: $10.79 + S&H
Thoughts: I knew I wanted to get my Dad fudge for Christmas. Not only am I not a fan of eating fudge, I’m a pretty laughable baker. So I decided handmade fudge would be perfect. The hardest decision was trying to decide which of the many flavors to get. I tried to secretly quiz my Dad about what his preferences for candy were… and I think he started to get onto my plan a bit. Oops! The fudge arrived in a very gift-worthy package and everything was super fresh. I was even tempted to try the Peanut Butter and Chocolate layer fudge (against my will, I swear!) and it was actually…amazingly delicious. So now we have a problem in that I like fudge now! The shop owner was so friendly with me, because I had asked her a few questions before purchasing the fudge. I feel like this was a very A+ purchase of mine!
Shop: Delicious fudge.
Would I repurchase?: Yes.

essential oils

I bought: Essential oil scents.
For: My myself, I deserve it!
From: ForStrangeWomen on Etsy.
Specifically what I got: Mini Vials – Mix and Match Set – Natural Perfume and Meditation Oils (Two boxes of three each.) The scents I selected were Cleopatra x2, Astral Projection, Jaded, Sweet Androgyny, Moss and Ivy.
Price: $9.00 x 2 + S&H
Thoughts: These vegan scents are wonderful. I am very ‘into’ essential oils right now. I only like a few perfumes, because I always smell the chemicals and alcohol. With essential oils you get none of that nonsense. To quote ForStrangeWomen, “Natural perfumes are safer, more satisfying to the senses, and the plant extracts have natural healing properties (aromatherapy) that your mind and body will love. Combined with nourishing jojoba oil, glycerin, and natural vitamin E oil, you will feel your skin is noticeably softer and healthier where the oil is applied.” Honestly, I had no idea why I didn’t like perfumes very much, but now I feel a bit more educated. And I also understand that it’s good for my wallet because store perfumes are super freakin’ expensive! My favorite scent is Astral Projection which I put on my wrists before bed. My second favorite scent is Moss and Ivy. The impressive packaging contained dried rose petals – and as soon as I discovered them I just knew that this was  a shop that understood me. I’m strange, with zero plans on changing.
Shop: Great essential oils.
Would I repurchase?: Yes.

amazing perfumes

I bought: (More) Essential oil scents.
For: With the idea that I might pass these along to my sisters. Which I never did. Shhh. 😉
From: OpheliasApothecary on Etsy.
Specifically what I got: Perfume and Fragrance Sampler –  Try Fragrance before you Buy – 5 Smackers Saturday Night Sale! The scents I selected were Vanilla Noir, Relaxation Blend, Black Currant Vanilla, Asian Plum, Rosemary Mint, and Blackberry Sage Tea. And the new Pear Quince scent was included for free, as was a Pepperint Sugar Scoop Sugar Scrub, a coupon code, and a handwritten note on hand-stamped, shimmery stationery from the owner, Ophelia. Talk about going the extra mile for every customer!
Price: $5.00  + S&H
Thoughts: See that generous sale? You got six! I had to buy these! They came to me in a wonderful tin, and everything is labeled/packaged with this gorgeous stamp design that is both pretty and refined. Each of the vials were labeled as you can see in the picture. I love that care and attention to detail. “The essential and fragrance oils are mixed with rice bran oil and provide long lasting fragrancing so that you can wear your fragrances and see how they do with your chemistry over the course of the day!” I’m currently wearing the Pear Quince scent and it’s stayed fresh for an hour. And I don’t just mean that it’s stayed, I mean that it’s stayed and my nose hasn’t become immune, I can still smell myself! (So often scents fade to your nose because you get used to them.) I feel like all of the scents I got were traditional but with a special twist. They fragrances were appealing in that they were slightly familiar, but brought to a new level of sought after divinity. Lean in, I have to tell you a secret… I absolutely love every one of the marvelous scents I bought. The idea in trying samplers is that you want to get an idea of what you’ll like, and you assume there will be some that don’t work for you. But with this sampler I get to heartily enjoy each of my selections.
Shop: Great essential oil blends.
Would I repurchase?: Yes.

best ergonomic keyboard

I bought: An ergonomic keyboard – about a year ago.
For: Myself, because I write a lot (duuh) and I have carpel tunnel.
From: Office Max.
Specifically what I got: Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 400
Price: Around $60.00
Thoughts: Best.Purchase.Ever. I love this thing. I debated and researched lots of different ergonomic keyboard options. But for me, I went with top of the line (within reason). I can’t imagine typing being any more comfortable. I am in love with my keyboard. It really saved my wrist/hand from more pain. My wrists are always comfortable and the keyboard really is easier to type on than the standard ‘straight ahead’ keyboards. It took me about a day to get used to typing on this, but now it’s easy peasy. I am going to kiss my keyboard right now. SMOOCH.
Shop: Best Ergonomic Keyboard / Best Ergonnomic Keyboard+ Ergonomic Mouse for price of what I paid for just the keyboard!
Would I repurchase?: If it ever broke? Hell yes.

She shops smart – she’s you! Smart shopping is always in style.

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