The Most Popular Christmas Toys by Year | Would You Still Love These Toys?

by on Monday, July 20th, 2009
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So, I saw a cool graphic that shows the most popular Christmas toys from 1960 through 2009. That’s 50 years of the most popular Christmas toys! Not only is it interesting to see, especially to note the years I was a child (did I request any of those gifts? I don’t think so…) but I have a challenge for myself that you will get the benefits of! I am going to write two lists here. The first list will be items that adults would still love to get as a way of nostalgia. The second list will be items that kids today would still love. Ready to see how I do? Grade me on a curve!

Most Popular Christmas Gifts You’d Still Love

operation game

1. Operation game (Most Popular Christmas Gift of 1965)

The novelty of this amazing game will never wear off. And it’s always a challenge, it never gets easier! It might cause more swearing from an adult crowd, but it’ll still be fun.

uno game

2. UNO card game (Most Popular Christmas Gift of 1972)

It’s a card game I’ve always been able to understand more than poker, and if you have to incorporate kids it’s better than Go Fish. Imagine if you were trapped on a camping trip without wifi or a cellphone signal or anything – the only thing to do is hike, make smores and play UNO for hours. It’s a simpler life. But winning is just as rewarding.

3. Wii (Most Popular Christmas Gift of 2006)

Well, this is still new. If you don’t have one (I don’t) you might want one (I kinda do).


4. Furby (Most Popular Christmas Gift of 1998)

It was terrifying and for that reason, this is a great joke gift. Scare your friends. I’ve always been fond of furbies and I don’t know why… It’s not that I’d want to own one, I just find them mysterious. Like going to the zoo and getting a peek of an sea creature that usually stays hidden. There are new furby models but the original is best because it’s cutest.

Most Popular Christmas Gifts Kids Could Still Love

1. Wii (Most Popular Christmas Gift of 2006)

Again, a Wii. Just pray the kids don’t throw the remote and break it, yea?

super soaker

2. Super Soaker (Most Popular Christmas Gift 1990)

Okay, what is the deal here. Do kids not like spraying each other with blasts of water? Do they not have any substitutes? I remember many a time being pelted by a mean neighbor boy (it was totally a sign of love, whatever) with his super soaker. And once I got my hands on it…well, there would have been payback! They’re so fun to use. It’s like paintball except less expensive and less messy.

3. Strawberry Shortcake (Most Popular Christmas Gift 1979)

I have a friend who went on eBay and got her daughter a bunch of the original dolls – and she loves them. There are some newer designs for the doll..and most of them are kind of slutty and therefore I do not like them. But somewhere out there are little girls who will still be receptive to toys without enhanved boobs and Barbie-like feet. A doll is a doll, and Strawberry Shortcake is very cute – and smells good!


4. Legos (Most Popular Christmas Gift 1981)

I don’t think legos are unpopular now, exactly – but they aren’t AS popular. And why not? They’re awesome. Don’t people still go to Lego Land? I always viewed legos as a boy toy, growing up (probably because I was used to pink things, and the lego dolls were all guys except for one girl). But they’re for anyone. Man, I kind of want to go find my old legos. I never really gave them a fair chance. Guess I know how the rest of my day is being spent.

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