The Doctor’s Wife – Menthe Blanche Microfoliator and Cleanser – Review

by on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

This superior line of skin care products was developed by the wife of a plastic surgeon that wanted to recommend friends items that would work.

the doctors wife reviews

Item reviewed: The Doctor’s Wife brand Menthe Blanche Microfoliator and Cleanser 4 fl oz | 120ml

What IS it? “Menthe Blanche clears surface dirt, debris, environmental contaminants, cosmetics, impurities, and aged cells, recycling your skin to a new surface daily.” (Fancy face wash!)

This brand was creatred by Joanne Laverson, wife of Dr. Steve Laverson. He’s a San Diego plastic surgeon, and with his wife they discussed that skincare products were not giving women the best results they could have.

They then set about creating this line, making sure each item is: cruelty free, has an effective formulas, uses 100% natural oils and is non comedogenic as well as hypoallergenic. Basically, these items are safe and good for your skin!

Grade: A

Pros: Smells truly and deliciously minty. Leaves your skin fresh and clean. It’s a microdermabrasion technique that also exfoliates.

the doctors wife

Cons:  For a long while I couldn’t figure out if this was a step meant to be used after I cleansed, or if it was a cleanser as well. It’s really not easy to figure out…but the website did clear that up eventually. But this isn’t meant to remove makeup if you’re wearing serious mascara and eyeliner. The Doctor’s Wife does offer a makeup remover, however.

Buy Recommendation: It depends how serious you are about skincare. Since your face is what you show the world… I am not against splurging on skincare products. This isn’t something you need, and you can get it cheaper with other brands… however, will they all work as good as this one? What you pay for here is the higher quality.

Odds you’ll use this item daily: Twice daily, actually. (Unless you’re being lazy… hey, you, stop being lazy. Heh.)

Price:  $59.00 (Free shipping because it’s over $50!)

Curious? Visit The Doctor’s Wife – You can have your own little home consultation, of sorts!

Purchase: See above site.

Time for the disclaimer!

The above contains my honest assessment of this product. I was given the sample free to review. You can trust that what I’ve written here is accurate as to my true thoughts.

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