Spring & Summer 2010 Hair Trend: High Bun Hairstyle

by on Sunday, May 9th, 2010

high buns 1The high bun hairstyle has emerged as a top spring summer hair trend for 2010. Celebrities like Billie Piper, Katie Cassidy, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Bosworth, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba have all sported the high top bun at events this year – and there are no plans of stopping!

Every high bun style affords you the luxury of using different variables to pick a style that not only compliments your face, but that you feel you can confidently do to your hair. You can have a more contained top knot or a large bun with tons of volume. Another way to change things up is to decide at what angle your bun will hit against your head. A ‘high bun’ can be at the top of your head, near the back, or straight upwards to the sky. Adding styling details with clips and decorative braids all help your hair resemble a work of art. And if you spend more than 20 minutes on it, no one should dare say your hair is anything less. (Permission to glare at them: granted.)

Now, remember how I said that none of this information is helpful unless you find a way to use one of these buns on your ow hair? The longer and heavier your hair is, the less likely you’ll be able to do a small bun that kisses the very center-top of your head a la Kate Bosworth. That’s just reality. But never fear. Not only do I think that’s not the most attractive option, but there is a very simple way to help create the illusion of a higher bun. So bust out those headbands you bought last year, because who cares what Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl is or isn’t wearing. Plus, she’s so cranky, serious and uptight! Wouldn’t you rather be like Jessica Alba?

Jessica Alba‘s style is sophisticated and modern, plus the headband gives it a relaxed feel so it’s not so serious,” said Alba’s hair stylist Robert Ramos to Instyle.com. When you can’t get the right height you want for the bun, I think a headband really helps to create that illusion. Also, I just think it looks really cute. I used to draw figures of a cartoon girl head, who had bangs, a bun, and a headband. She was VERY  fashionable.

high buns

Pictured: Katie Cassidy high bun, Kate Bosworth high bun, Jessica Alba high bun, Sarah Jessica Parker high bun, Billie Piper high bun x 2.

How to get the High Bun Look:

TO START: Unless you’re going for a more polished, severe bun, apply volumizing spray or volumizing foam to your hair (focusing on the lower 1/3 of your hair). Pull your hair into a high ponytail with a soft elastic (always good if it’s the same color as your hair).

OPTION a: Separate the hair of your ponytail into two or three different sections. Each of those pieces then gets wrapped around the ponytail base. You’ll need to use bobby pins to hold the hair in place. (Reference: Jessica Alba’s high bun.)

OPTION  b: Take the entire length of your ponytail and secure it in a ring around the base, using bobby pins. Use a clip-in synthetic hair piece. You may have to use a ponytail hair clip, if there is no bun available. Voila! This is something Ken Paves did often for Jennifer Lopez on the set of The Wedding Planner – so I guess it’s no secret that we’ve seen her sporting the high bun more than anyone else! Paves told Instyle about the hair face lift, “We’ve been loyal to the high ponytail or bun ever since. Pulling hair up and back from behind the ears makes you look years younger, and she loves it.”

OPTION c: The Frisky pointed out an ingenious idea to make a high bun like this, using a sock! Nina Carbone – you are one smart woman!

EXTRA CREDIT: You can use part of the hair for your bun to be braided. Or just use one long section to frame the bun ( a la Heidi Klum).

TIPS: Wear amazing drop earrings! Use some hair spray on the final style. Hair accessories like a headband can be used to amp the cuteness factor.

Jack Rosen/Time & Life Pictues/Getty Images – Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/Getty Images

Looking for a Grace Kelly Hair How To? Look no further than...here! Grace Kelly hair styles are paid homage to all the time. Jack Rosen/Time & Life Pictues/Getty Images – Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/Getty Images

high buns celebsPictured: January Jones high bun, Wilma Flintstone high bun, Heidi Klum high bun, Sarah Jessica Parker high bun, Jennifer Lopez high bun, Christina Milian high bun.

top bunsPictured: Keri Russel high bun, Jennifer Lopez high bun, Whitney Port high bun.

Photo Credits (almost all from celebrity fan sites). Search the sites for more: Urban Outfitters, Black House White Market, Katie Cassidy hairstyles, Kate Bosworth hair 2010, Jessica Alba hairstyles 2010, Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyles 2010, Billie Piper hair 2010, January Jones hairstyles, Heidi Klum hair 2010, Jennifer Lopez hairstyles 2010, Christina Milian hairstyles 2010, Keri Russell hair 2010, Whitney Port hair how to

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