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by on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Your skin can feel like a baby again. Picture: paulandaline on Flickr.

Your skin can feel like a baby again, without resorting to those Heidi Pratt tactics of plastic surgery and other weird stuff! Picture: paulandaline on Flickr.

I am typing this after soaking in a bath, and luxuriously pampering myself with Shea Terra Organics products as though I were in a spa. I have a fluffy robe, and ambient music – I can fake the spa feeling! Especially when I have such amazing products at my hands. (Hands which are already feeling softer – but more on that later!)

We’ve mentioned the Shea Terra Organics line before, because it’s a brand we’ve used and absolutely trust and believe in. Also, almost more than makeup, at we care about healing and nourishing our skin (we would like to avoid all botox injections). We want to treat our skin from H-T (head to toe) as Tyra Banks would say when she tells her models to go about modeling. The best way to go about treating your skin is with natural products, or eco-friendly products as they say. Whatever you want to call it, if it feels good and works, and you can tell that it’s been brought to you through safe means and with safe ingredients – then all is well.

And all is GREAT with Shea Terra Organics. Seriously. Yes, I can namedrop and say that famous people like Angelina Jolie are vocal fans of this line. But better than that I can provide you with my personal experiences with the products. I talked with the company and told them that in the winter we really want to focus on dealing with dry skin patches, and just really making sure we are moisturized properly. So, I was then generously sent a kit of products to test that would help with that and other skin issues.

Before I get into the run-down review, I want to mention that the company was born out of the passion of a very wonderful woman, Tammie Umbel (the CEO and founder). What she’s done is find a way to provide jobs and income for people in Africa while helping people in the West get the very best in high-quality products (which are made from sustainable, 99% natural ingredients only). While the products help empower you to face the day with clearer skin, the sales of the products empower people in Africa to have better lives.

melon body spray

Shea Terra Organics Tsamma Melon “Light & Healing” Body Nectar: As with all products from this line, this is naturally fragranced. And man, why do they bother creating so many perfumes when something that’s already here smells so amazing? This body oil absorbs quickly (especially if you apply after a shower) and softens skin while leaving the linger of a delicious melon scent. It smells almost like a sweet cantaloupe, but better. Rather than letting the spray go wide in many directions, it is a concentrated amount that gets sprayed out. I find this actually makes it easier to apply to myself. You can spray it over areas and then rub it in with your hand, or spray some into your palm and then apply it like that.  There are four different Body Nectar Oil Sprays available, all that target a different issue from being anti-aging to toning. $22 (Body Spray)

black soap review

Mint Marrakesh Indigenous Black Soap Elixir:  I am in love, sweet heavenly LOVE with the scent of this body wash. The scent wakes you right up. The black soaps from this line are famous for being amazing on your skin. Not only does it leave it totally cleansed, exfoliated and soft, but it helps heal acne, lessen sun damage and eczema. I’ve used Proactive before and this is definitely better for your skin. Proactive would dry my skin out and the chemicals smelled bad  – not to mention that the lotion has bleaching ingredients which sometimes transferred to T-shirts or pillowcases (and they expect you to be fine with putting that on your face!). $18 (Black Soap products)

African Lemongrass Indigenous Black Soap Elixir: I don’t love the smell of lemongrass, but it’s still a rather pleasing scent and it perks up your senses in the way that citrus scents do. The effects of the black soap are just as great as in the Mint Marrakesh. $18  (Black soap products)

shea butter

Shea Nilotica: If you are looking for a product to drastically soften skin, and fade scars or stretch marks – this is it. When we first adopted shopcat I would hold her more often than she liked and I would receive the scars to prove it – right on my face or upper chest! Yikes. But Shea Nilotica came to my rescue and I saw results in a week.  $16 (Best healing lotion)

pomegrante body lotion

Shea Body Butters:  Rich and moisturizing just as you’d expect, what you might not realize is that the scents are totally unreplicated anywhere but in nature. And even then, unless you actually live in Africa you probably haven’t smelled them all. My favorite is the Pink Guava Pomegranate which is just sweet and light and beautiful. I also love the Lavender of the Khosian because, if you remember, the scent of lavender calms my migraines. Check out the Bourbon Vanilla and Miombo Mango, too.  $18 (Natural Body Butters)

Fair Trade Gourmet Divine Dark Chocolate: Why not treat your mouth a bit when you treat your skin? It’s totally allowed. Dark chocolate is a natural antidepressant, and loaded with anti-oxidants that fight cancer. “Shea Terra Organics promotes Divine Chocolate for its efforts to improve the condition of cacao growers in Africa. Not only are cooperative farmers paid more than others, but they also own more than 50% of Divine shares.” So, help people, get chocolate – and what’s more? This chocolate tastes heavenly. I especially recommend the Dark Chocolate Mint variety. (Organic Chocolate Bars)

30% Off Everything at Shea Terra Organics

From now until Jan. 30, 2010 you can save 30% off everything you find on our website. That is huge savings because you can’t find Divine Chocolates cheaper. So enjoy sweet treats while feeding your skin, too.

Shea Terra Organics has just launched 14 NEW products! From the Night Nourishment Nutrient Facial Serum to the  Hair Nutrition Hot Oil Growth & Repair Treatment. Check them out!

Use code JAN30 at checkout.

Shop the Site: Shea Terra Organics Website

Giveaway: THREE (3) winners will pick their own prize! This is courtesy of Shea Terra Organics!

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Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You KNOW that you deserve it. XO – Jessica, Eve, Nancy, Shopcat and Shopdog

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