Senna Makeup Reviews: Fantastic Products that get an A+ for Professionalism

by on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Senna Cosmetics was founded by the passionate Eugenia Weston, an Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist. After I heard that the Senna eyeshadows rival MAC eyeshadows, I was intrigued in the line. But I discovered there was much more to love.

Eugenia Weston

Eugenia Weston: Look at her perfect eyes and flawless skin. She KNOWS what she's doing. She's smart!

I was sent along some products to review, so let’s get to it! I say in my title up there that the makeup gets an A+ in professionalism, and let me explain that reaaal quick! These are products that I think the very best pros and A-list stars use, and there was nothing I used that I thought “meh, I’ll just give this away to someone else.” I loved it all, and it was all just so freaking great that I should start going on that show Hoarders, for being a makeup hoarder. I want every color of everything! No lie.


Senna Cream Lipstick – Tiffany: “A soft glowing pink” this was ULTRA smooth to apply on my lips. I like that it gives a pop of neutral pink, but is otherwise a bit neutral so I can wear it virtually anywhere from a fancy brunch to a football game (which I would never want to actually be at, but you make sacrifices sometimes!)  It feels creamy on my lips, like a heavy duty lip balm you’d apply from a pot. I like that – especially when I rub my lips together. It doesn’t dry my lips out but doesn’t feel greasy. I think I’d like to get more lipsticks from the similar collection of Cream Glow. $18

A note about Senna lip products: They offer many different consistencies of lipstick, and also have liners, plumping products, glosses, etc. Look for the Cream Glow lipstick if you like the look of lipgloss without the feeling.

Senna Sheer SPFF15 Lipstick – Chantilly: Okay, the color is very similar to Tiffany. But the consistency is a little different. Luckily, it’s not gritty at all. It gives less pigment for a sheer kind of glow over the lips. It feels soft and glidey like a liquid lip balm. I love sheer colors because you can apply them in the dark/without mirrors/etc. I feel like the Senna Sheer lipsticks GLISTEN. And who doesn’t want that? I don’t feel the need for extra lip balm action over this or the cream lipstick. This is described as a “blooming nude sparkle.” This is a pinky/brown color with hints of gold and purple undertones. Using a sheer lipstick from Senna is as easy as cake, so don’t be shy. And there are sparkle notes in this color, but it’s not garish flecks of glitter or anything like that. $18

Totally Transforming Lip Primer: I like lipstick, which means having a primer is a great idea (or a must) so the lipstick has a better long-lasting effect. It’s also great in taking all the color out of your lips so you can do a very nude or matte lip. This PARTICULAR lip primer also hydrates your lips to be moisturized.  Once applied, you should wait for it to fully dry before applying lip color. $26

senna makeup reviews

Senna Cosmetic Swatches

Spot Lites Highlighting Pencil: This is a ding, ding, ding WINNER in my book. I love highlighting my eyes and small sections of my face (namely: cupid’s bow) and this makes it so easy to apply and control that application.

Sparkling Eye Color in Bewitched: Blends like a Dream! This color is “Gold Flecked Dark Chocolate Brown.”  This is a great brown, but seems a bit more like dark chocolate to me. There are flecks of gold that are very subtle. I like this shadow more for the consistency than the color.  $16.50

Sparkling Eye Color in Sandglass: “Light Golden Beige” This is my FAVORITE item of the bunch, and my everyday must shadow from this bunch. It’s more intense when you layer it. The color is almost peachy in the pot, but applies with a sparkling wash of color. It’s so pretty, I always reach for it now.  $16.50

Sheer Glow Eye Colors in Gossamer: “Soft Peach Champagne” I love the finish of this sheer glow. It’s like … like a uniform rinse of color, and it’s very subtle but it’s THERE. This color is great as a base or a taupe/beige with more beauty to it than your average champagne-y beige.  And you can apply it without a mirror, which is awesome. $16.50

Metallic Eye Colors in Suspense: “Rich Grape Wine Glow” I wanted a dark plummy color but this one seems more like a warm brown with purple tint.  That being said, I happen to love this as a brown color.  But when you get it WET you then get a much more intense metallic/plum color. Oh-la-la. Loves it. $16.50

I really love the eye colors from Senna because you can get them all wet once they’re on your eye, and they’ll stay – you really need some soap to get them off. And when you get them wet they enhance their hues.

Senna’s Totally Transforming Eyeshadow Primer Review: In case you didn’t know, I believe that an eyeshadow primer is a must if you want your shadow to stay and not crease. But not all eyeshadow primers are made equal. I love Senna’s version. It sticks so well, and you don’t need to use a lot of product. I recommend using your middle finger to dab and apply the product with a light touch. It comes in two shades: one is peachier with warm undertones and one has cooler undertones. At not quite 30 yet, I don’t have to worry about too many wrinkles. But what’s AMAZING is that this is an anti-aging eye shadow primer with “vegetable ogliopeptide from natural hibiscus that functions in much the same way that Botox injections do, but without the pain and loss of facial expression!” Um, yes! Sign me up. I love my Mother, but when I do her makeup I notice that her eyelids do kind of …they’re not super firm in their appearance anymore. Anyway, it’s a great base, which I set with some loose powder in a similar neutral shade. Any time I’m applying eye shadow for the day I wear primer like this. $22

Eye Bling in 24 karat Review: Senna recommends using this on the middle of your eyelid for a pop of color. Well, I recommend using it anywhere because I love sparkle. I especially love to use this on the inner corners of my eyes to highlight them.  The consistency is a bit odd at first to work with, as it’s neither a powder nor a cream. You can’t use a normal fluffy eyeshadow brush for this. I used my pinky finger. You could also use a Q-tip or a special mineral eyeshadow brush with firm bristles. You can use it to highlight anything – browbones, decolletage…etc. It comes in white, a light gold, bronze topaz or silvery diamond. I very much am interested in purchasing the white eye bling in the future. It gives a nice glow to your face that makes you look awake and vibrant. You’d never look bad with this. See, while you’d never think of this as a makeup essential I think that it could become one of the products you use every day no matter what other makeup you wear. I do wish it was easier to apply, though. But I love it.  (EDIT: I realized it’s best used melted into the skin, so use your fingertips and pat it on and let the body work heat. And just kind of pat it around like very small flecks of gold – which can be added to any eye color, on your cheekbones, etc.) $26

The packaging of the products is nice, it’s sleek, gold, and has a little pattern on it with shine (almost like sparse zebra stripes) and I like that they’re not bulky. The only aesthetic part I don’t like is the box these items come in, which is more of a dull gold. But you throw that out, sooo…yea!

senna cosmetics swatches:

senna cosmetics swatches

senna cosmetics swatches

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