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by on Sunday, January 16th, 2011

When I got a chance to sample some SANTE makeup products, I focused on the eyes and lips. Everything is 100% organic, hence the appeal! Because your skin basically eats some of what you put onto it, you definietly want to use organic makeup when you can!

There were a few SANTE products I really liked, and a couple I wasn’t as keen on. Read on for the full scoop.

Organic Eyeshadow Review of Trio: rose wood 03: Okay, it looks like normal eyeshadow but it’s not – it’s 100% organic eyeshadow. It’s created with plant oils and mineral pigments. It’s smooth because it has jojoba oil and chamomile. This organic eyeshadow palette has three basic rose/plummy colors. I like the eyeshadow properties, however I do wish there were some more beige/brown colors without so much pink/rosy-ness to it. The shadow wasn’t bad in any means, but I really only liked the lighest color. Otherwise I didn’t feel like the brown was very pigmented. Although, if you want organic only, this is good. Otherwise, Clinique is similar. Buy

Organic Eyeshadow Stick: coffee 08: These apply smoothly but I did feel like my lids were … not heavy, not sticky…just different. I like that I can really pinpoint where to put the color. I used this coffee color in my crease. However, I still found that for blending I needed to use some powder shadow (which I also used to set the color.) The stick really helped pinpoint the emphasis points. When using these, as with any eyeshadow, I find that using primer is NECESSARY to create a base and to make your eyeshadow stay throughout the day and not crease. On the day I didn’t use a primer or set the stick with shadow, it was really an oily mess. But when used with a primer, they kind of dull the color.  I think these pencils are worth it to use as definition maybe, but I was not impressed because eyeshadow is easier and ultimately quicker to apply. Buy

Organic Eyeshadow Stick: pearl 06: I did love this white color to highlight under my brows, and to use on the inner corners of my eyes, AND (drumroll) to use as white eyeliner in my waterline – which the pencil makes easy. This was a perfect highlight color for me. They also have a pearl color if you don’t want white. As I said, I used this to line the inner rip of my lower lashes which really DOES make my eyes look larger, especially when I used the brown eyeliner under it. Using a white eyeliner often is hard because it’s not soft enough to apply easily – but this eyeshadow stick in pearl is totally soft enough. Here, the effect was subtle and I was almost lining my lower lashline with the whiteness, letting the pigment fall into place. It’s a tricky procedure. I think this feels nicer to apply than most white eyeliners. I would buy this in white or pearl. Buy

Organic Eyeliner Pencil in olive green 02: This pencil is incredibly smooth – niiice! Organic ingredients are once again put with the mineral pigments for a smooth and creamy organic eyeliner pencil. I have brown/hazel eyes so I like to use green, as it really accentuates brown/hazel eyes. I found that these were easy to blend and smudge, but also easy to set with some powder. It’s hard to find an eyeliner pencil that doesn’t catch and tug, but this one doesn’t do either. My experience with the Sante eyeliner pencils is that lining my top lids and setting with powder made them stay even after a three hour nap where I buried my face in a pillow! Surprisingly, the pencil that lined my lower lids (even with powder to set it) smudged and faded away within an hour of application. Use these on the top lids, not the bottom. Buy

Organic Eyeliner Review deep brown pencil 06: So often we only have one shade of eyeliner: black (and often many different brands) but you have to have some brown eyeliner! And again, these are really smooth and apply really nicely. UPDATE: If you can manage it, don’t get primer on the upper lid where you’ll use the eyeliner. It doesn’t need it. But you do need primer where you put shadow on the rest of your lid. The primer kind of dulled the brown and made it difficult to apply as darkly as I’d like without more effort. I would buy one of these for myself, but I will try to keep primer away from where I’m lining so I can get the full, easy effect. Buy

organic lipstick

Soleil Lipstick Balm SPF 15, magenta: I love SPF 15 protection for my lips when it comes as a moisturizer and as a pop of color on my lips. This is a 100% natural lipstick with added balm and sun protection. I have no clue how they do it. I like the tagline of “color and care” because in one swipe, that’s the ideal. The balm isn’t as present as I’d like it to feel…whether it’s there or not. It felt better than normal lipstick. But not quite as smooth as I’d like. The color was really great though, a soft rosy pink. The packaging is a little retro, it’s cute. But I ended up wanting to put lip balm on anyway, so I guess it’s a matter of what you tolerate. I’m someone who always has balm on! I’m a balm gal. The price is pretty low, so you could buy it for the nice color and the fact that it’s a completely organic lipstick. Buy

Sante Brilliant Care Conditioner : I really wanted to try this, as I’ve heard it raved about as being a cult favorite in the U.K. It’s made with organic birch leaf extract and peanut oil. It’s a little more expensive than I tend to want to pay for conditioners. Buy It was out of stock for me to review, but I still think it would be cool to try and am recommending it.

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(Sante Lipstick Review: I did get a chance to try the lipstick in the lightest color. I had not asked for this and wasn’t expecting to write about it, but I can tell you guys that the light pink is VERY light and good for a nude lip. But if you want a pink, go a bit darker. I liked the texture – which was both creamy and a bit gritty (at first). I recommend applying a lip balm over it, as I would with any lip stick. I really like organic lipsticks because they do fade into your lips eventually aka “your lips eat the product” so you want it to be natural and not all chemically.

Shop: Sante America I really love that they let you pay with Paypal. Shops that let you pay with paypal are always nice.

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Disclosure: Items were sent for review purposes, there was no monetary compensation. Opinions are my own.

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