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by on Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
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Books in every color of the rainbow. Photo by candiedwomanire on Flickr

Books in every color of the rainbow. Photo by candiedwomanire on Flickr

Guess what? I utilize the library a whole heck of a lot. Seriously. I mean, I buy books (when I know I’ll want them and want to reread them) and DVDs (ditto) and a whole slew of things. I also have Netflix. But sometimes it’s great to just order a bunch of things and then have them all there for you when you go to the library. (I’m pretty sure every library has that function now.) Also, it always encourages me to be diverse in the things I pick. I get self-concious, and I don’t want a librarian judging me if I’m only getting a ton of DVDs to watch. So I always make a point to get a variety of things. And libraries offer lots of things. Music, Movies, Magazines, Books, Books on tape…

Reasons to use the library: You save money, you’ll try new things in terms of what you’ll watch and read, you’ll encourage yourself to read more, you’ll possibly make friends, you’ll become well versed in things you love and happier to be that way.

Explore, explore, explore. Picture by eflon on Flickr

Explore, explore, explore. Picture by eflon on Flickr

I have saved a LOT of money over the years by loaning things from the library. Especially when it comes to TV on DVD boxsets. I’ll get one and have a marathon for weeks. Before there was Netflix, there was no way to watch things unless you went and bought them. And as much as you might wanna watch The Simple Life – you don’t really wanna buy that on DVD. It’s embaressing enough just checking that out!

So, you really should start using the library more. It’ll save you so much prodigal summer on salemoney in the course of a year. As long as you don’t accumulate fines. And even then, I always rationalize that giving money to the library is good anyway. So, ha. Now, to get you started with some inspiration, I’m going to share with you the list of things I currently have checked out from the library. You’ll get the idea of how wide the selection can be.

What I have checked out from the library right now:

Prodigal Summer – Barbara Kingsolver (Novel)

prison break season threeSplit Estate – Charlotte Bacon (Novel)

Yoga for the Rest of Us Back Care Basics (DVD) – Mock not, I sit at a desk most of the day, and I’ve picked up some good tips to ease the tension my back accumulates.

Love Walked In – Maria de lost Santos (Novel)

Prison Break Season 3 DVD (DVD)the firstborn advantage

Pushing Daisies Season 1 DVD (DVD) I’ve seen it before, but I put it on while I’m at the computer just because it’s so damn cute.

The Firstborn Advantage Book Making Your Birth Order Work For You (Self-Help Book)

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