Why is the new Dove body wash so much better than before? I found out. (Reviews)

by on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Dove has NEW and improved body washes. Their latest is the Dove Winter Care Body Wash. This is the first of their Seasonal body washes.

What makes these body washes better? They have a formula with Glycinatae, which no other mass brands use. Glycinate is an ultra-mild ingredient. You’ll usually find it in high-end beauty/facial products. I know you guys hear a lot about how lathering is bad because it strips your skin. But with Glycinate, you can have that cleaning lather you expect while still having your skin pampering by being nourished.

The Dove Winter Care Body Wash is gentle on the skin and reverses skins of that dry winter skin. What you can get from this body wash is something you’ll never get with soap. It is creamy and hydrating on dry, flaky and rough skin. Along with the Glycinate, the latest Dove body washes have the brand’s NutriumMoisture technology for their mildest and most caring formula yet.

This body wash rinses away quickly and completely, leaving no oily residue. Your skin is left fresh and nourished.

My skin always needs moisture as it likes to be dry, which is why I never compromise when it comes to a body wash. Because my skin lets me know when I’ve used a product that gave me no nourishment. This morning I washed one arm with a soap, ,and one with the Dove Winter Care Body Wash. Well, there was a huge difference. My left arm feels TIGHT, and that’s the arm that got the soap. I definitely like the Dove Body Washes, and think it’s a nice daily treat you can give yourself. For the size, the price is great. But my one complaint is that the size is too big! I wish this came in smaller sizes. I’m a single gal, and one of these can literally last me nearly a year. (My last one did.) I also like to try different variations, and that’s another reason why I would rather buy small bottles to switch different scents. Of course, it remains a truly fantastic value. I would recommend the Dove Body Washes with NutriumMoisture to anyone, especially those seeking a really good, nourishing body wash.

Price: $6.99

You can find the Dove Winter Care Body Wash with NutriumMoisture on shelves through March. But don’t dismay, the latest formula also be found in additional Dove body washes. (And there are LOADS of them. I love the look of the Dove gofresh Rebalance Body Wash with the scent of plum and sakura blossom, along with the Purely Pampering Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals Body Wash.) The Summer Care Body Wash will be available in stores come April 2013.

Disclaimer: A bottle was scent to facilitate a review.  Only honest opinions were shared.

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