Natural Makeup Tips and Tricks that I Personally Use

by on Monday, June 6th, 2011

Natural makeup tips and tricks will be with you, like a guardian angel, all of your life. Once you learn what you can do fast and easy, it’ll become a basis for all other makeup applications. This will save you when you have to run out to the grocery store with only two minutes notice, or you got up late for class/work. There are some tricks that I’ve learned and put to use often, and I want to pass those along to you guys. I hope you can learn something new and feel encouraged to put some of these to the test. (Especially since it’s summertime – I like to wear very little makeup in the summer!)

Fact of life: If you go out looking like crap, sans makeup, in fact – sans any attempt to look decent, you WILL, I repeat WILL, run into someone you know. Even better? They’ll want to chat with you, unaware of your pain to be seen like that. Or maybe they’ll even know, and they just think it’s funny to watch you squirm. This happened to me recently. I thought I would be safe to scoot outside around the block with sunglasses on, no makeup, and in unfortunate laundry day clothes. And wouldn’t you know it, someone that I always try to avoid caught me while I was looking in a store window. I had to make smalltalk. Smalltalk is really one of the worst things that can be asked of you. And if you have to make smalltalk while feeling like you look worse than crap… oy.

So what are the absolute makeup essentials that will make anyone forgive you (even your own mirror) if you look like a slob otherwise? And seriously – I’m not gonna list anything complicated because the whole point is that you don’t wanna deal with anything.

Use these weapons alone, or pair a couple up:

Tinted lip balm (it’s easy to apply without a mirror and never makes you look like you’re trying.) Try the new CoverGirl line of NatureLuxe Gloss Balm. I reviewed it: HERE. The shade I got has been my go-to lip look for a while now. It’s easy, it’s sheer, but it’s just enough that I feel a bit pulled together. It’s a step above a clear balm.

Blush (just to look awake.) I wear a light pink mineral blush from Eve Organics so it doesn’t clog my pores. Any blush will get the job done.

Sunglasses never hurt (cover up your eyes if you’ve been crying and you can cultivate a mysterious celebrity look.)

A high ponytail says ‘Hey, I’m hanging out, maybe I just jogged five miles!’

Using mineral makeup as a concealer to dab under your eyes and in any red spots is a great quick fix alternative to wearing a face of foundation (you don’t have to go the mineral route, but I recommend it.) I trust Bare Minerals foundation, using the concealer brush by Ecotools. (EcoTools Concealer Brush Review)

If you’re blonde with pale lashes you might want to reach for mascara but that seems like a step I’d rather skip. (And as a brunette, I luckily can. I’m so weird about mascara, it always feels heavy on my lashes even if I only use one coat of a lightweight formula.)

A sheer and sparkling eyeshadow in a light, neutral shade is great to work all over the lid. I particularly love Senna’s “Sheer Glow Gossamer” and Eve Organic’s “24k Gold.”

If you really want to wear more eyeshadow, it’s hard to go wrong with a little bit of a warm brown shade in the crease of your eye, blended well.  Clinique does great neutral browns that aren’t too highly pigmented – it’s pretty impossible to pile too much of it on, really.  If I want to go over the entire lid and crease I love to use the Yves Rocher Loose Pearls-Intense illuminating effect in Pink. It’s very easy to apply without the need for a lot of blending. For me, a warm shade is more easygoing than anything with dark undertones.

The best thing is to distract people with your sparkling personality, smile (thank god you got your teeth whitened, right? or at least brushed them) and act so happy that they’ll never think to judge you. In fact, they might wonder if they’ve overdone it on looking so nice. All of a sudden you’re a trendsetter who is the Jenifer Aniston of natural beauty.

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