MicroPedi Review by Emjoi – (THE best way to soften rough feet) – An A+ product!

by on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

I just found my latest secret weapon for my beauty arsenal. And, yes, I’m going to share it with you. But if you don’t give much thought to taking your tired, dry and scaly feet and making them supple, soft and feel amazing in under a matter of minutes, then I guess you don’t need to read this. 😉 Yes, I’m grinning… how did you know that? It’s because I am so happy that I can give this product an A+ grade. I mean, often I sniff out amazing things that will get an A, but an A+? That’s near perfection. But I found it in the MicroPedi by Emjoi. Remember that name!

The MicroPedi is basically a foot buffer. It’s like a pumice stone activated by the Energizer Bunny. It answers the age old question (I’m sure even cavewomen asked this) of how to soften rough feet.

ShesSmart.com Pro’s | MicroPedi Review

This product WORKS. It’s easy to use, and it’s fast. No more pumice stones or egg shavers needed… this does all the work for you. And you know how you’d expect a product like this to accumulate dead skin dust and debris? It does… but for whatever weird science reason, it acts like it’s magnetized to the item. Some might fall, but mostly it stays there until you use the included brush to sweep it away. (Cue my cartoon jaw dropping.) The results of using this item after just ONE time were… I mean, just amazing. And I am hardly the first to realize this, look at Amazon – there’s almost a full 5 stars given and over 1k reviewers. Still, that’s not nearly enough women – we have to spread the word! And I am so glad when I get to help spread the word to fellow women (or men! – are you a Ryan Gosling lookalike by any chance?) through this blog. That’s what I like about writing reviews, getting to tell people about products they might not otherwise know about.

ShesSmart.com Con’s | MicroPedi Review

Basically, there are none. I mean, none that are enough to not make this amazing. But there’s a few things to know, anyway. If you’re anything like me, you hate reading instructions. I do think the instruction booklet is worth a look just to know how much pressure to use. So, spare 5 seconds. Or just take it from me – you should not press the micropedi against your skins o that the roller stops, instead let it more… graze your skin. I find that keeping the plastic parts on the side help keep it elevated enough to buff my skin without being stopped. I also think it’s important to know that while you get two rollers, they don’t last forever. And you will have to buy replacement refills eventually. And they can cost you about $18 for two. Still? So worth it. My only other complaint is that the plastic cover doesn’t snap into place as firmly as it should, but that’s kind of a non issue. It stays on well enough. So, there you go. There’s really not much to say against this product. Which makes me so happy.

ShesSmart.com Final Word | MicroPedi Review

I can’t stress this enough: this is a MUST buy for me. Not just a “seems cool” buy. Everyone who has tried it over here as loved it. I think it’s a lot like getting one of those luxurious and time-consuming fish-eat-your-dead skin spa treatments. It leaves my feet baby soft after just a minute. It’s easy to use, and it works. And nothing I’ve tried has ever come so close to doing what this do. It’s a genius product.

Cost: $29.95 on Amazon.com VS  $39.95 at Drugstore.com

Photo Credit: Drugstore.com

Disclosure: Item given for honest review that you can trust. I will never lie to you guys to misinform your purchases. In the case of the MicroPedi, I am just really, really pleased.

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