Makeup for Oily Skin: Mattify Oil Absorbing Powder Review

by on Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your skin from being so oily? Now you can.

Mattify Cosmetics creates makeup for oily skin. And really, let’s be honest, plenty of us have oily skin! So it’s pretty important to have a way to manage that oil.

I had a chance to review the Mattify! Cosmetics ULTRA Matte Powder for Extra Oily Skin. In the summer, my T-zone can get especially oily. I have combination skin, is the thing. Well, even if you lightly brushed this on it instantly sucks up oil due to the kaolin clay, cornstarch, rice powder, silica microspheres (which scatters light to blur fine lines and pores) and tianium dioxide. It looks white in a jar, but applies totally sheer. You can put it on before or after your foundation, or both.

Once I put on this powder and wore it for a day, realizing it worked, I had one concern – would it clog pores? But it doesn’t, the kaolin clay keeps your pores clean. The one thing you don’t want to do is brush this powerful product on dry skin, because (as with any powder) it will cling to the dry skin.

I applied this with the included powder puff, patting it onto the skin. Included were materials that let me know how the product would work for different types of skin (men’s skin, dark skin, very oily skin, etc) and it’s all about getting shine-free skin. The powder lasts about 8 hours, which is pretty freaking awesome. And I’m telling you guys, it works.

The Mattify Cosmetics company has won me over, and not because they have the prettiest looking containers or website. What I like is the contents of the product, especially this oil absorbing powder. I mean, you just never find this anywhere. And it’s so crucial!


Disclaimer: I was sent items to review, there was no monetary compensation.

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