MAC Supersweet Review and Pics (CHEN MAN Collection Spring 2012)

by on Saturday, March 10th, 2012

When I picked up my MAC Supersweet Mineralize Eye Shadow last Saturday, this color was already almost sold out. And it had only just come into stores! I’m pleased with it in general, and want to get the other two limited edition shadows from the Chen Man Spring 2012 collection. Read on to see why.

I’m a major fan of the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows now. The impact you get, so quickly, is impressive. That’s quality! Yes, you pay a bit more, but I think it’s worth it. We all know MAC makes some wonderful products.


While I picked up Supersweet, I’ve since been wishing I had also gotten Pink Union or Love Cycle. I’m pretty addicted to how easily these apply because I don’t like spending a ton of time on makeup all the time. Often, I’ll spend the time and it’ll look like I’ve put forth almost no effort. Anyway. The reason I wish I had the others is only because I find Supersweet to work so well.

I’m a bit disappointed with the brown (a brown/gray) section of Supersweet, it’s not a lot and even applied wet it doesn’t seem to be very dark on my fair skin. I want more of a dark compliment! Wah. But the frosty pink works as a great base shimmer, highlighter, and layered (or wet) to be a very strong, albeit pale, pink. And I have more of the pink in my palette, so it works out fine.

The one other issue is that there is some fall out with Supersweet, which means if you wear glasses you’ll get some of the shimmer flecks on them.

On the best side you don’t even need a primer, and it still has color that lasts. I love that.

Soft pink and a light taupe are perfect for spring.

My BFF picked up the Mineralize eye shadow in the fun-named Cinderfella. (Black shimmer!)

While there both of the makeup artists at the counter (who were super nice, which you don’t expect from MAC all the time) were wearing the new blue “Love Cycle.” They mentioned it was all they were wearing on their eyes (plus mascara.) And it looked so fabulous.

Three LIMITED EDITION Mineralize Eye Shadows:

Check out Mac Chen Man swatches here:

The newest products are based on a Chinese fashion star, Chen Man. Chen Man is the star of the Chinese fashion photography world, rising to prominence on the strength of a series of groundbreaking covers created for the Shanghai-based Vision, China’s first avant-garde fashion magazine, merging her exquisite aesthetic with computer virtuosity.

Inspired by the artist’s fascination with love and water, the collection is compromised of two colours, blue (representing water) and pink (love.)

Defining the moment while heralding the future, MAC Chenman defies the gaze to look away. Limited Edition. Available March 1, 2012 (North America) and March 2012 (International) at MAC Cosmetics.

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