Look Thinner with Colorblock Dresses and Colorblock Skirts

by on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
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The use of colorblock in clothing is genius. It can really trick the eye into making you look a lot more thin and shapely than you are. I was realizing this the other day when Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) was wearing a colorblock dress on Gossip Girl and it made her waist look so nipped and fit. When you type or say colorblocking enough times, it starts looking and sounding weird. But the actual color blocking effect? It’s genius!

How does colorblocking work? Visual magic! It uses blocks of color to shape you. As you know, white looks larger and black makes things look smaller. But more than that, you can actually sculpt the form using wide lines or thin lines of color down the middle of a dress. Be smart: color block!

colorblock dresses on sale

Colorblock Dress @ Urban Outfit ON SALE $40

Color block Dress @ Dillards $100

A.B.S. peacock jersey colorblock shift dress @ BlueFly.com$95

Colorblock skirt @ Arden B $30

Color blockĀ  skirt @ Macys $150 (oops, I went over!)

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