Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Review – Warm, Sweet and Mellow

by on Friday, March 8th, 2013

You don’t have to fly to Italy to get this divinely floral and woodsy smell. This scent by Lisa Hoffman Beauty is sweet and mellow.

The fragrance: Tuscan Fig

What does it smell like? “Surrounded by vanilla bean, honeysuckle, coconut wood, and gardenia, Tuscan Fig entices you with its warm essence. Like your own secret treasure, this fragrance transports you to the most enchanting valleys, vineyards, and fruit groves of Tuscany.”

The format: I am specifically reviewing the Eau de Parfum spray bottle. $65.00. (Available in many other formats, including the ingenious jewelry styles.)

My thoughts: It is both sweet and sexy, which is a difficult scent to achieve. It’s also a very dark and warm scent at the base which must be the fig, amber, vanilla, wood and musks. These are the notes that linger. But at first, what you get are the hits of sweet french jasmine, honeysuckle, vanilla bean and gardenia. I like that there’s an ongoing scent of floral, but the woodsy scent never leaves. It’s actually a quiet sexy scent, as I mentioned above. It reminds me exactly of what I’d expect of the Italian Countryside with heavy sunsets in the sky, and sweet aroma’s of blossoms and fruit in the balmy evening skies of summer. Normally I would instruct you to keep “warm” scents to wear during Winter, but with most of the Lisa Hoffman scents I’ve smelled, I find these are pretty universal in terms of what season they’d be perfect for. I find that when I spray it on, it lasts for a couple hours. I definitely like this scent. It also makes me want to check Netflix for the Italian-based movies “Letters to Juliet” with Amanda Seyfried, and “Stealing Beauty” with Liv Tyler.

Learn more: Lisa Hoffman Beauty – Tuscan Fig Page (Click<)

Purchase: @ HSN (Currently sold out of everything!) and Lisa Hoffman Beauty

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More Pictures of the “Tuscan Fig” fragrance:

Tuscan Fig Variations 4-Vial Set $95.00

Tuscan Fig Earrings $65.00

Tuscan Fig Necklace

Tuscan Fig Bracelet $65.00

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