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by on Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Can’t wait for the fresh, calming scent of Spring mornings? This Japanese Agarwood scent by Lisa Hoffman Beauty will take you right there. It’s serenity!  Or Zen! Or whatever your word for “blissful calming amazingness” is, really…

The fragrance: Japanese Agarwood

What does it smell like? “The rare, woody scent of Japanese Agarwood is accented with the refreshing zest of Bergamot, the zen-like ambiance of Spiced Ginger, and the comfort of Warm Amber to inspire feelings of clarity and warmth as your journey of Japanese Agarwood unfolds.”

The format: I am specifically reviewing the  Japanese Agarwood Necklace. ($65.00) This scent, as with all Lisa Hoffman scents, is available in many other formats – from lotions to perfume oils.)

Above: Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Necklace in Japanese Agarwood.

My thoughts: This ingenious filigree dome holds scent beads that last and last. The necklace itself is easy to use, and looks delicate and beautiful when worn with literally any outfit. This necklace has a powerful design that really keeps your scent with you in an impressive way. The Lisa Hoffman Fragrance necklace format is brilliant! (For more Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Reviews, stay on Were I needing Bridesmaid gifts, this would be my #1 choice. It has a sentimental and romantic feel, and is such a unique item. What you have to decide is what scent you want, which will tell you which kind of metal tone you will then get. I am not as fond as the metal tone that the Japanese Agarwood has, as other ones that are available. This is kind of a dark silver (“antiqued bronze”), but I feel it needs more luster and shine to look as special as it is. But I also have a very fair skin tone, so that contributes to how it looks on me in particular. The fragrance beads are made from wood flour from sustainable, replenished tree farms and forests. I love that even though the wooden beads are small, Lisa Hoffman has gone out of her way to make sure she’s delivering this product to us in a eco-friendly way. Every little bit helps. The beads are said to last between 1-2 weeks, however I believe they last much longer than that. I am in week 3 and the scent is seriously, no joke, as strong as ever. Sometimes I forget I am wearing the necklace, and then get a fresh whiff of the scent as though I’d just sprayed new perfume on… and let me tell you, it’s always a welcome surprise.

Now, can we talk about the scent itself? Though it’s got many light, watery notes to it at the top (which are actually bergamot), it’s also got a woody sense to it. That’s the literal Japanese Agarwood that’s the heart note here. At the bottom, base notes, you’ve got ginger, amber and cedarwood. When they call a scent “soulful” it might sound silly, but I understand it. It’s … grounding, somehow. It reminds me of nature, which itself is a grounding force. When I inhale past what I smell as a watery, airy first part, I smell the spiced, woodsy notes. For me, it’s a Spring Morning in early April when the crocuses are just starting to pop up, and a few bright yellow daffodils are in sight. (All Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Reviews that I see are all fans.)

About Agarwood: “Passed down through generations, this precious wood is used as the centerpiece in Kōdō incense ceremonies to achieve a higher level of consciousness and inner peace. Participants are encouraged to open their heart and listen to, rather than smell, the powerful resonance of this fragrance to fully experience the nuances of its complexity.” (Japanese Agarwood Reviews seem to like its spiritual properties.)

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