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by on Monday, April 1st, 2013

Okay lovelies. It’s time for another review of Lisa Hoffman Beauty! And this time, it’s all about being happy. (Or, isn’t that what life is always supposed to be about?)

To refresh your memory, I’ve previously reviewed the amazing fragrance necklace with the fresh Japanese Agarwood scent, and delightfully mellow Tuscan Fig perfume.

The fragrance: French Clary Sage (The tagline? You’re gonna love this. “Optimism in Bloom.”)

What does French Clary Sage smell like? “The clean and refreshing notes of French Clary Sage evoke bright summer days in the Provençal countryside. Sparkling watery notes harmonize with French Clary Sage, Yellow Freesia, and Cotton Accords to create a crisp, modern green fragrance.”

Cool trivia: “For centuries, the French have used Clary Sage oil to help balance energy and combat feelings of discord. King Louis XIV used clary sage as part of his daily ritual for its euphoric and renewing benefits. Today, French Clary Sage (….) is still being used to inspire feelings of optimism.” I’m very interested in going back to basic scents that people have been using for hundreds of years, because they’ve been proven to work and stand the test of time.

The format: I am specifically reviewing the French Clary Sage Variations. It contains four different vials. This scent, as with all Lisa Hoffman scents, is available in many other formats – from lotions to perfume oils.) The four variations of the scent can be worn one at a time, combined, layered, or however you want. The idea is that there is a scent for each time of day. There’s: Morning, Daytime, Evening, Bedtime.

Morning: The lightest variation. Just enough to linger as you prepare for the day. I smell some lemon here. It’s very “bright.” It makes me feel very alert.

Daytime: A strong foundation of what the scent is at its most basic. It smelled more of fresh greens. It puts me in a great state of mind to be confident and attack the day, which you guys know can be daunting what with, COUGH COUGH,  me having to talk to people like Hugh Dancy and Heidi Klum. (And that’s just the H’s!) Seriously, everyone needs confidence as they go throughout the day, right?

Evening: Sensual! My favorite of the four. Reminds me of libraries, worn velvet, and leather.

Bedtime: Soothing and mellow. The hardest for me to smell. Not sure if this is as good as the rest.

Why bother for FOUR VARIATIONS of one scent? Your sense of smell changes throughout the day.

My thoughts: You might think the scents might all smell too similar to be worthwhile, but I guarantee you each one was totally different upon inspection from my honed nose! And that’s exciting, because this entire product style is totally innovative and new. The idea that if you love a scent, you can get a lot of variations on it, is amazing. Plus, I love the core concept. After a few hours, scents tend to fade. And here, instead of applying more of the same, you put something else on that is actually correlated to the time of day that it is. It’s genius. And honestly, the only reason Lisa Hoffman Beauty products ARE getting so much coverage on is because I have been so impressed by them all, and I want to really let other potential purchasers know what they’re in store for. My one note is that I wish there was a way to differentiate the bottles with some sort of ombre effect where the morning scent would be lightest green, and the bedtime scent would be darkest green. I am also not sure if quite enough product comes out of the vials.

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