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by on Friday, July 17th, 2009
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There are some things I will always love, even though their hey day is long past gone. If you’re a smart woman, you never give up all of the sentimental crap (yes – you can call it crap) in your life. These are things to remember, to own forever, and force your kids into loving. :) I will post part two of “Let’s Get Sentimental” tomorrow…stay tuned and whatnot!

reel big fish

Reel Big Fish – Sell Out: From the Turn the Radio Off album. While I eventually get sick of all songs after a while, I can NEVER get sick of this song.

gnomes book

David the Gnome: This was one of my favorite cartoons and since we didn’t have cable, I’d only catch it occasionally at my Grandparent’s house. I later saw the book Gnomes and it totally captures my imagination from that age – it’s gorgeous with detailed illustrations. It’s not affiliated with David the Gnome, but the Gnome on the cover looks just like David. If you’re an aunt or uncle who has kids come over a lot, get this as a coffee table book. Because they’ll love coming over to look at it, even though it’s not really a kids book.

candy necklaces

Candy necklaces: I know they’re still around but you probably don’t wear them once you’re past 20 unless you’re a playboy bunny/playmate. But I have fond memories of these as a cute accessory. Even though we all know the candy isn’t the best candy ever. Still, they’re colorful and fun. If you work in an office (like Pam or Jim from The Office) you could get a jar of these and put them on your desk. Suddenly your popularity will RISE!

angelina ballerina original

Angelina Ballerina: The ORIGINAL one, and just the books. I cannot believe they redesigned Angelina Ballerina to look all modern. I fondly remember reading Angelina Ballerina books like “Angelina’s Ballet Class” with my Mom. Once I had grown out of it, my sister would later get an Angelina Ballerina doll and I would be very jealous of it. It was THIS Angelina Ballerina doll, I think. She was later a casualty of the dog…oops!

skip it toy

Skip It: Using the Skip It was the very best way to get some exercise while feeling totally ‘cool’. We’d have competitions to see who could skip it the most without stopping. I probably never won. But I still had all kinds of fun.

a is for annabelle

Tasha Tudor books: Something my Granny raised me on was Tasha Tudor. I am going to need to do a post all about my favorite Tasha Tudor books. But hands down my favorite is A is for Annabelle. My Granny actually gave me a doll and told me it was Annabelle. Best doll ever.

clueless soundtrack

Clueless soundtrack. As if?! I would get this just for the Jill Sobule song Supermodel. It actually has a lot of fun songs on it though, and I listened to it a lot as a teen. Noteable songs: Shake Some Action – David Lowery, All the Young Dudes – World Party, and Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic) – Radiohead. Somehow I thought that listening to it I was going to become as rich and happy as Cher in the movie. It didn’t happen. I did once have one of those pens she had in the movie – the kind with the feathers on it. What-ever.

center stage dvd special

Center Stage movie: It’s the cheesiest movie ever, but there’s just something about it. I can’t get enough of it. They dance and I smile.

beatrix potter figurinebeatrix potter figurines

Beatrix Potter: Her world stands the test of time. Even though I didn’t see that movie they made a few years ago with Renee Zellweger, I have great

Renee, your movie looked boring!

Renee, your movie looked boring!

love for the stories and illustrations of Beatrix Potter. They’re just so imaginative. Let your kids have Sponge Bob (Cheese Bob is what I call him) and whatever else – but try to get them to watch or read Beatrix Potter. We have collectible figurines now and they’re precious. My favorite story is probably The Tale of Two Bad Mice since I always loved Dollhouses. Collect all of the Beatrix Potter books!

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