Let's Get Sentimental…Again! Best Toys for Girls

by on Saturday, July 18th, 2009
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Smart girls always remember! Here, I continue my journey into the things I loved in childhood and during those pesky teenage years with this post. This particular post seems to focus on childhood…but that’s okay! I had an amazing childhood full of equally amazing memories. I was blessed, I know that. Must be why my life hasn’t ever been so great since then 😉

gund bears

Gund Bears: I hardly cared that they were well-made, I just knew that the SNUFFLES bear was so cute that I had to have him. And I still have him..somewhere…hmm…

flower fairies

Flower Fairies: Illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker, these were a big part of my childhood. My Granny actually had Flower Fairies as wallpaper in her bathroom. Needless to say, I grew up a bit obsessed.

my little pony pink castle

My Little Pony Castle: You probably have to get it on eBay – we even got ours from a Garage Sale. But oh man, I LOVED playing with it. It’s so hard to pick out favorite toys from the 80’s…I even had the Barbie Camper once! But we were never rich, mostly it was gifts from relatives, garage sale stuff, or special presents for Christmas. I appreciate them all so much. Oooh…and we had the My Little Pony Dance Studio…called Baby Bonnet School of Dance. It was seafoam green and had great accessories (like leg warmers for the ponies) and three spinning built-in stands.

dolly buggy

Doll Buggy: You have to get your kid one of these, right? I mean, if she wants one. I used to push buggies full of dolls everywhere. I still do. I mean, kidding? Doll Buggy > Doll Stoller. These are some of the best toys for girls.

brave little tailor pictures

Brave Little Tailor movie. I betcha thought I was gonna type “Brave Little Toaster”, huh? Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse movies and cartoons are something I always remember. Brave Little Tailor Wiki. Minnie was a princess in this movie with one of those cone hat things, and I wanted to be her. I was also a big fan of Mickey’s Delayed Date. Mickey’s Delayed Date Wiki. These cartoons literally captivated me. I think they used to play them on Sunday nights. And we never (evereverever) had cable so I was overjoyed when great TV was on. Oh – AND okay, one more. Mickey’s Rival. Mickey Mouse cartoons are on Youtube. :)

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