Lashem Reviews: Side Effects to Growing Eyelashes Longer

by on Thursday, January 13th, 2011

This eyelash growing products review is not a super favorable one – sorry, guys. Brooke Shields was the first celebrity to promote Latisse eye gel to grow eyelashes longer. But it was only after I saw that Claire Danes had hoped on board to also promote the product that I thought “hey, maybe this actually IS something with this whole trend of growing your lashes.” But our experience with growing eyelashes has not been a positive one. BOTTOM LINE: The product worked only marginally on the lashes, not the brows, it itched and it is likely the face of a painful facial infection. I would never purchase Lashem, especially as the press rep for Lashem was incredibly rude to us when she saw we could not honestly give her a 100% positive review. We strive to be honest to our readers, and will not bend the truth to make a company happier.

Our lashes are NOT chia pets, and I didn’t want them to look ridiculous or discolor my eyes. So I am not on board with these lash growing products at all. But my Mom is a little more willing because she has sparse eyelashes, and it’s something that I know she’s self-conscious about. It’s not even noticeable to other people, but she knows that her eyelashes aren’t very lush, no matter what mascara she tries.

grow eyelashes longer

Grow your eyelashes longer with LASHEM?

At first she shrugged and said, “I just don’t think there is anything that will ever help them.” …That sealed the deal for me, and I knew she was the perfect test subject. She was cynical, but she also needed it to work more than I do. (Although when I’m older, I might be in the same position. So it’s very much in my best interest to know what works.) I told her I’d forget about it, but then two hours later I nonchalantly mentioned that I was getting some to review, anyway. (Mwahahaha.)

Lashem is prostaglandin free, paraben free and clinically tested.

I paid special attention to the safety tips in regards to discoloration of eyes and your iris. Because I did not want this to happen to my Mom! They stress that if you use the product correctly, this won’t be a problem. Basically, you just don’t want to get the stuff in your eyes. (Although “Because LASHEMâ„¢ is used around the eyes, we have taken care to formulate our product with ingredients that have excellent safety profiles.”)

Their site says that a small bit of Lashem in the eyes can be rinsed away naturally by your tear film. But you can always splash water into your eye as well. To not get any of the product in your eye, you just want to be careful not to over-saturate the application brush, since you don’t need a lot on it. And if you do use too much of the product on your brush, you have more of a risk of getting some in your eye. I made to sure to go over this with my Mom. It’s not rocket science, though. It’s easy.

But after 3 weeks, the results were nothing to brag about. She had used the product on her sparse eyebrows to no effect, and on her lashes to only a small effect. She believes they may have grown a little longer, but you have to realize they don’t become fuller – you don’t grow extra lashes or thicker lashes. It only potentially lengthens what you already have.

Tworst part is that just around Christmas (perfect timing, right?) she got a very weird infection, just on one side of her nose/face area. Her nose puffed up on one side and she couldn’t breathe out of it. She thought it was a sinus infection and got treated for that by a nurse. But then she had allergic reactions to the medicine and had to go to the ER. They told her she had a much more serious facial infection. She’d never had anything like this, and it wasn’t accompanied by a cold or anything else. While she was careful not to goop any product in her eye, it seems very possible and likely that just a tiny bit got into her eyes over a 3 week period, and it caused this painful reaction. And she was indeed in pain. I felt so guilty. And I also realize that beauty is not pain, and I cannot in good faith recommend any lash growing products to anyone at this time.

I looked around online and saw some people do search and post for negative review Latisse posts. People are talking about how Lattise and other grow eyelashes longer products cause allergic reactions aka swelling. My Mom also had some itching. Is Latisse safe? Is Lashem safe? Well, they seem safe enough. But sometimes you can’t predict your reaction.  I think this product can work for some people, but in far too many it seems to have a surprise allergic reaction or an unforeseen problem.

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Disclosure: I was sent an item for review purposes, there was no monetary compensation.

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