Kristen Bell Gives Us a Hairdo Idea

by on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

I used to have a scrapbook of cute hair ideas using magazine pulls that I’d arrange in a binder. Yea…I’m kind of weird. (Is it weird I also had fashion, decor, and makeup idea binders?) But, whatever! It’s helpful. Sometimes you forget what to do with your hair other than the basic things you ALWAYS do. One hairdo I like that is SO easy to do is something that Kristen Bell has actually worn on the illustrious red carpet.

kristen bell when in rome hair

The technique for the hairstyle is to pull up the middle front section of your hair and clip it – either to the side or straight back. (This is a great hairstyle to use for showing off earrings.) Then you collect the remaining hair and pull it all over to the side and loop it there. You can make it really casual by just using an elastic band and looping your hair in a half pony-tail. If you curl your hair first the entire effect will look a bit fancier. And you can also use one of those fabric flowers on an elastic band to make it look great.

A variation on this is to pull your hair back in a clip as I already said, and then separate the remaining hair into low pigtails anchored to the front, under your ears.

Yet ANOTHER variation is to use a headband instead of clipping the top part of your hair back. Follow as explained above.

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