IT Cosmetics Reviews – Why you should DEF try Hello Lashes Mascara, Brow Power, Bye Bye Under Eye, Foundation Brush

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Trust me, you definitely want to get familiar with It Cosmetics. Let me help introduce you to this brand, and which products you should take notice of first.

it cosmetics reviews

Here’s the quick description on why It Cosmetics is getting rave reviews from, uh, pretty much everywhere: It Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima worked with “leading plastic surgeons to develop innovative, high-performance color cosmetics infused with the latest breakthroughs in antiaging technology.” ( phrased that well.)

TLDR It Cosmetics Review – I loved everything, but special TOP love goes to the It Cosmetics makeup-brush quality (although the design of one was not great for my personal uses), Bye Bye Under Eye Review and Brow Power Pencil. The Hello Lashes mascara has a really amazing brush design. I’d give this brand a FIVE OUT OF FIVE stars from and have included links to other reviews to show you that this brand is really gaining popularity based on its quality. Okay, this isn’t supposed to be the long part, I’m done now!

Why did I decide I wanted to write some It Cosmetics Reviews anyway? Well, I’m always interested in exploring new make-up, duh. But more than that, I always do a bit of research first. I like to see if this is a brand that looks good and really needs more exposure, or if there’s already some exposure that might sway me. In this case, there was so many good reviews online I became immediately interested. Especially since I hadn’t yet heard of this brand ever before. I mean, I don’t wanna fall behind! And I know neither do any of you guys. The fact is, there is just SO much in the saturated beauty market that sometimes really amazing products and brands will fall through the cracks because no one is around to champion them. I love to communicate with you guys about products worth (or NOT worth) their consideration. I think being able to research purchases online is one of the BEST things about the internet and I tend to google for reviews on just about all of my new purchases – don’t you? Anyway, I’m pleased to say that It Cosmetics is definitely a brand worth consideration.

On with the It Cosmetics Reviews you came here to read!

My “WOWZERS, it works!” It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Review – This is winner of a QVC Customer Choice Award, and is listed as one of the most wished for items under $25.00 on the site. Like most of you, I’ve often had a hard time finding a decent concealer to use under my eyes. I mean, I struggled all throughout high school with this – reading every magazine article about what drugstore brands worked, how to layer powder over foundation, and even the all important idea of matching skin tone to products with yellow or blue or red undertones… hell, do you remember the green concealer sticks of product to counter effect red tones? I’ve literally tried so much in this area. (To date: My usual method, which I like, involves mineral makeup patted on.) But this product works, too. Just apply a very small amount of this product or else it will look cakey. Less is more. Try using one of your non-dominant fingers such as your middle finger so you can spread the product without too heavy a finger. (I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s true, your pointer finger will always apply more pressure because it’s so used to pointing and stuff.) I like this concealer because it works and makes my face look brighter and more even in complexion. I say to use  this because you’ve never realized how much a little boost of good concealer will do for your entire face.  I can’t remind you enough to just use a little bit of the product, and I recommend setting it with a powder. It’s a genius concealer you’ll definitely want to try! It may really surprise you that when you have a really good concealer it makes such a huge difference in how your entire face looks. (Read the Makeup Alley Reviews – 74 reviews, 4/5 stars total.)

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Review – This ultra black mascara is a multi-talented mistress! It’s a 5-In-1 Treatment Mascara so it does the following jobs: volumizer, conditioning lash primer, lash-enhancing serum, lash tint, lash comb/curler. I’m really excited about this! You have this great triple-brush wand with the “innovative Magic Wand lash ball detailer tip” on the end which you use on the tips of your lashes, the inner and outer lashes, and the bottom lashes. This is beauty brilliance at its’ best “why didn’t I think of that?”! And, the formula of this mascara isn’t just black inky pigment, it’s formulated to enhance your lashes and condition them, so they’re packed with great ingredients like peptides, collagen, proteins, acai, jojoba, green tea, and vitamins A, C, E, and B5. Plus, this product is FREE of parabens, fragrances, phthalates, and sulfates. The mascara wand/brush is such a highlight, I loved it. It’s NOT your Mother’s Mascara! In fact, she’ll probably ask to borrow this. And since it’s the holiday season, I say you go out and buy her one of her own because she’ll love owning it. (Read The Shopping Channel Reviews – 58 reviews, 4 stars. Note that QVC readers gave it a 3/5 review, thinking the mascara formula isn’t stand-out, but that the brush is. I’d like to note that’s still a pretty good star review, and the price does reflect two tubes at once. Just make sure to only open one at a time or they’ll both dry out at the same rate. I.E. If you open one and use it, and then use the other – you’ll get more life out of this deal. I also think you can google “it cosmetics hello lashes” to see before/after pics of lots of people and decide if you like the effect – I think it is substantial.)

It Cosmetics Foundation Brush Review – Dual Ended Concealer/Foundation Brush – This is the one product that I am so torn about. The quality of the It Cosmetics Make-up brushes is AMAZING, so silky soft in a way that you instantly can feel on your skin that this is a high-quality brush. My problem is with the specific design of this product. I’m rather boggled, really. The product comes in a long cylindrical plastic tube, and has two ends. Do you already get an idea of what the problem is? Like many women, I put my brushes in decorative jars and vases on my vanity. This lets me select what I’m going to use quickly. But with a double-ended brush, one end has to be bottom-down. And that means its going to get squashed and accumulate dust at the bottom. All I can think of to do is lay it horizontally in a separate drawer (where I will probably forget it) or keep it in this plastic tube (which will still squash one end, and probably crack eventually). I even considered chopping this brush in half…. but that probably wouldn’t work since I am not great at diy. While I’m disappointed in this specific brush design, I am still really, really impressed by the brush quality. I mean, if I didn’t then I’d just get rid of it, you know? But I’m going to HAVE to find a way to make this work! And I will definitely consider these brushes in the future for gifts and purchases. Of course, now that I look more it seems this brush is only offered in larger makeup kits, which I guess would come in make-up fold-out pouches, which would let this design work. And, I DO have to give them credit for the idea of having these two brushes paired because you use it for the same product, basically (face powder, concealer). So, it really depends on HOW you like to store your brushes. If you tend to store brushes vertically, I recommend the brushes but the standard design. If you store your brushes horizontally in cases, then this is a perfect 2-in-1 brush. (Read the QVC review for the Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush – 24 reviews, 5 stars.)

It Cosmetics Brow Power Reviews – I have fairly dark eyebrows which I always have to wrangle into control with tweezing and/or waxing. It never even occurred to me that I could still benefit from touching up these frames on my face. But unless your eyebrows are 100% dense, you can totally benefit from helping to define them. And many women actually have very light, sparse eyebrows and they really could benefit from realizing how great a product this is. And I do not think using your eyeliner or eyeshadow is comparable at all. Because I’ve tried that. The reasons that never works for me is that if you  have a good eyeliner that’s creamy and applies smoothly then your eyebrows  will look super heavy and oily, no matter how light the strokes you use are. And then with me it would always feel heavy and weird and I’d just want to wash my face, ugh! This It Cosmetics Brow Powder is amazing because it does what it’s supposed to. I used short, light strokes to fill in my eyebrows while stepping back to look at my eyebrows every once in a while. It gave me a very slight, positive change that I loved. The product applys in a texture that is neither too oily/smooth or too dry/chalky. It’s the perfect texture, really! And if you don’t have strong brows, I cannot tell you how much you should try to accentuate your brows – with a product that is meant to do this specific job. (Seriously, don’t just use your eyeliner! I would never use this product as an eyeliner, either. It has a very specific, vital job. You wouldn’t ask a roofer to cut down a tree, would you? No, because they have different skills!)  (Read the Amazon Reviews – 25 reviews, 4.5/5 stars – Read the QVC Reviews – 399 reviews, 4/5 stars.)

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