I'm Totally Obsessed… Yoplait Yogurts, Berry Nail Polishes, John Mayer, Body Scrubs

by on Thursday, July 16th, 2009
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yoplait thickYoplait Thick & Creamy lowfat yogurt: It really is thicker and creamier. I like yoplait yogurts a lot, especially because of all the neat and funky flavors they have like boston cream pie. I tend to love ‘Royal Raspberry’ the most alongside peach yogurt or strawberry yogurt.
Smart Shopping Tips: Not all yogurt is created equal. Because I know that I won’t eat yogurt if it’s certain brands or flavors, I always try to find coupons or buy a lot at a time.yoplait yogurt coupon It’s time to find yoplait coupons! Search for yoplait coupons printable 2009. When I searched for yoplait yogurt coupon 2009 I found a site to get a free yoplait whips. Except, it was no longer operational. Coupon Tips!: Even so, it’s best to always try to add in the year (at least) when searching for coupons for anything, especially food items. Adding in the month can be even more helpful. I do not have a printer handy but after searching I finally did find a valid coupon for yoplait yogurt! I found it at bricks.coupons. SUCCESS!

body scrubsShea Terra Organics Pink Guava Pomegranate Indigenous Shea Butter Dead Sea Salt Scrub: I got this as a gift where I reviewed it for another blog. This is a high quality scrub where the entire mixture is really combined well instead of parting when let alone (oil rising, etc). It lasts a long time and the smell of the pomegranate one is a smell that I love and haven’t smelled anywhere else. Body Scrubs
Smart Shopping Tips: When you buy from a quality company that’s doing good things for the world, you get a selfish burst of feeling good about yourself. This company is by far one of the best companies I’ve ever read about in terms of how they give back to the earth and people. In addition, the jar this comes in is really durable. When I was done with the product I rinsed it out and it looked totally new, and now I’m using it for my own mix of brown sugar and vegetable oil which I also use as my own handmade battle studiessugar scrub when I don’t have any other kind but really need some on my ankles or elbows (the winter months are cruel to my skin!) So, reuse!
Coupon Tips!: Sign up for the Shea Terra Organics newsletter and you’ll often get access and alerts about special deals.

John Mayer Battle Studies CD: John Mayer’s newest album. It’s amazing. He’s amazing. I may be drooling – and I don’t care. Pretty sure he’s seen drool before. Battle maybelline brisk berryStudies
Smart Shopping Tips: Invest in good music. :)

Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish in Brisk Berry: It’s a dark, dark berry color that can almost pass for red in the right light. I get sick of red nails if I want to paint them to be festive, and this berry-hue is exactly what I needed as a pick-me-up.
Smart Shopping Tips: I don’t see it for sale online so get thee to a drugstore!

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