How to Make Lips Look Bigger with Makeup

by on Saturday, February 12th, 2011

You know, normally I’m really pretty okay with my lips. They’re a nice size – not too small or anything. Of course, like anyone who’s ever seen a picture of Angelina Jolie’s lips – sometimes I think they would be nice as … well, poutier versions of themselves. But I would NEVER get any of that collagen pumped into my lips, no friggin way. And really, you DON’T need to! Your face is a canvas, and you can paint it in a way that makes lips look bigger with makeup.

You’ll need three items:

  1. A nude lipstick. I recommend the Sante Organic Lipstick in light pink 01. This is one of the only lipsticks I’ve tried that really was matte and made my lips look lighter. (My lips have a natural pink pigment to them.) I like this lipstick because it’s an organic lipstick, and creamy.  The picture actually shows how pink the lipstick looks in the tube, but when applied I found it to be lighter. Right here, you have the perfect nude lips look. Pair these lips with smokey eyes and you’ve got something great already. Using these nude lips is a great base for a light, light shiny top coat of something.
  2. A sheer lip balm or sheer lip gloss (Light shimmer acceptable and encouraged if that fits your personality or that’s what you have on hand.) I’ve shown the MAC Tinted Lip Glass in “A Quiet Roar” which is a pale white golden color.
  3. A creamy white/peach/light-colored lipliner, eyeliner or eyeshadow stick. I recommend using the Sante Eyeshadow Stick in Pearl because it lets you define the coverage you want and it’s not white. Make sure to use a finger and blend this over your cupids bow. With these sticks, I do recommend you dust it with sheer powder to make it stay. Do that BEFORE adding your lipgloss.

Disclosure: I was sent the two Sante products earlier and have reviewed them in the Sante Organic Makeup Reviews post.

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