How to do a High Bun Hairstyle a la Cameron Diaz

by on Saturday, May 15th, 2010

cameron diaz bunNow that I’ve shown you examples of tons of different high bun hairstyles for 2010 (with the directions for how to do a high bun hairstyle), it’s time to show you the tools you’ll need to achieve this look. Would you try to make a cake without the right ingredients or tools? (I would, but that’s because I’m a horrible cook – baker…whatever-er. I am basically not allowed in the kitchen!) The same goes for your hair. If you want to really do this look right, you need to do more than just half-try. So check out what you have around the house lurking in the untouched cabinets (you might discover your beloved Essie nail polish you thought your sister had stolen!), or see if there’s something worth making an investment in if you like the top bun hairstyle.

The shopping list: Volumizing products! This can be volumizing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, volumizing foam, volumizing spray or volumizing serum. A nice hairspray that won’t leave your hair stiff, but will help you have body! Possibly hair clip on extensions!

“It’s really simple to create, yet looks dramatic as the bun is placed so high on the head. It’s basically a very dishevelled chignon. To get the look we primed hair with mousse to give volume and texture before pulling it into a ponytail directly on top of the head. We then backcombed it to create static and twisted over into a bun.” – Charles Worthington on “The Dolly Bun” via

2010 spring hair trends

The hero: Retro Chic Shakeable Hairspray 10 oz. $14
About: It’s labeled as a “natural to medium hold hairspray” that has a very low alcohol content and won’t leave that gross, oily residue on your hair. Your hair should remain soft with this, and that’s a big plus. (And I like the idea of being retro chic.)

grace kelly hair how to

The hero: Jessica Simpson Updo Chignon $49 (Or the Pony Tail Wrap $49.)
About: A chignon is very Grace Kelly. “Now any woman can rock that positively graceful look with hairdo┬«’s clip-on Updo Chignon.” And you don’t have to admit that it’s the Jessica Simpson brand. I won’t tell if you don’t. Shhh.

grace kelly hairstyles

The hero: Biosilk Volumizing Shampoo 350ml/12oz $11 & Biosilk Volumizing Conditioner 350ml/12oz $13
About: Vitamins A & E help give your hair a major volume boost by working on every strand of hair. The conditioner is “infused with silk proteins to add radiance” so maybe you can skip shine spray.

spring hair trends 2010

The hero: Jonathan Product Create Smooth Anti-frizz Volumizing Serum 50ml/1.7oz $20
About: “A 100% vegan, non-alcohol, anti-frizz volumizing serum that contains extracts of almond, white ginger for body-building & conditioning.” Is it bad that it sounds delicious?

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