Hello Kitty Merchandise that is Cuteable

by on Thursday, July 16th, 2009
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This dog is really excited to be in Hello Kitty :P

This dog is really excited to be in Hello Kitty :P

As a girl and just as a human being – I LOVE Hello Kitty merchandise. I was embarrassingly watching an episode of The Girls Next Door when I saw Bridget having her dog do a photoshoot with Hello Kitty stuff.Well, some was cute but one thing made me laugh out loud. It was the dog wearing a big Hello Kitty hat/mask/thing. I don’t even know what you’d call it. But it was adorable. I wouldn’t buy that for a dog to wear, but it reminded me how much I love cute, pink, Hello-Kitty themed items. It’s not just for little kids!

How do you know whether someone who is a preteen/teen/adult will appreciate Hello Kitty merchandise? Honestly, you don’t. And if you don’t know that the person loves Hello Kitty (or even if they do – you never know if it’s a general love and fondness or a hardcore love where they’d eat off of a Hello Kitty Plate…) then I’d stay on the safe side. You don’t have to forgo Hello Kitty entirely, but opt for just a cheap add on like Hello Kitty Stickers or a pen. I’d use a Hello Kitty pen! Still, there are many adults – especially college girls – who would more than appreciate certain Hello Kitty items, especially Hello Kitty alarm clocks. Not that they use them – they never go to class! Kidding. When it comes to items like Hello Kitty hairdryers I’d leave those for kids because when you’re older the tools you use for your hair need to be a bit more grown up and functional.

Many of us go to Cuteoverload.com on a daily basis, and having Hello Kitty items can definitely give you a daily dose of cute.

Hello Kitty Jewelry – There’s lots of Hello kitty Jewelry and lots of it is now geared towards adults, with pieces utilizing diamonds. Yowza. Some people even have Hello Kitty Weddings – so they want all sorts of bling bling.

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Necklace @ Amazon $69.99

Other Hello Kitty Merchandise – Everything is just cuter with a kitty, face it! Amazon is like a Hello Kitty Store.

hello kitty mousepad

Hello Kitty Mousepad @ Amazon $8.98

hello kitty hairdryer

Hello Kitty Hairdryer @ Amazon $19.99

hello kitty mouse

Hello Kitty Mouse @ Amazon $14.99

hello kitty alarm clock

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock @ Amazon $14.99

hello kitty alarm clocks

Hello Kitty Tea Cup Alarm Clock @ Amazon $39.99

disney princess karaoke machine

Disney Princess Karaoke Machine @ Amazon $49.99 – Okay, this isn’t Hello Kitty merchandise but it’s so darn cute I included it because if I was a little girl I’d totally adore this. I mean, the microphine is a flower! It’s really cute.

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