Hanna Marin Hair Style Pictures and Tutorial Tips

by on Monday, February 28th, 2011

Let’s go through five different Hanna Marin Hairstyles, it’ll be fun. Admit that you love her hair, okay?!

hanna marin hair style

To achieve Hanna Marin hair in the picture above, straighten your entire head of hair first! Part your hair in the middle, and strategically pull some of your shorter layers (if you have them) of hair forward. Notice she didn’t pull the ones that are most obvious. They are layers closed to her ears. Anyway, then grab all of your hair behind you like you’re making a low ponytail (if it helps, make one and use a hair band to hold it) and then twist it upwards. The securing part is the hardest bit. You just need the right item. I’ve found that H&M sells great hair claws that don’t look like they’re from the 90’s. They’re short and kind of wide, so they’ll hold a lot of hair, and you can cover them. Then you want to mess up/arrange the remaining hair that’s flipped up. You can use a hair pomade (Aveda makes a great one) to ensure every piece stays where you put it.

Hanna Marin Hair Style Tip:

Make that low ponytail as high as possible and let the rest of the hair fall backwards. Then using a small straightening iron make sure the pieces of hair all kind of curl under towards the back of the head.

hanna marin hair

This is similar to the hairstyle above. You can tell that she’s pulled all of the shorter front layers out and arranged them to frame her face and then pulled most of them back. There are loose pieces left towards the front on both sides, though. Instead of having a sort of inverted ponytail, her hair was clawed/pinned up and then twisted more into a bun. You can do this by twisting more hair to claw up, or by using bobby pins if you want to bother with those things.

hanna marin hair tutorial

Here’s Hanna Marin’s signature hair look. You can use a curling iron, but I suggest using hot rollers because you can let your hair set while you do your makeup. When doing that, make sure to use the rollers at an angle instead of rolling them straight upwards. (Tilt them as you roll them up.) You will have to use hairspray, and if you don’t have thick hair you can try volumizing products like volumizing shampoo.

hanna marin hair styles

Use a curling iron to get the ponytail and face-framing pieces. It’s an inherently messy look. Don’t be afraid to be messy!

pretty little liars hair

I’m not fond of this Hanna Marin Hair Style but, oh well! She’s got loose, wavy hair (mostly towards the bottom) and braided hair close to her hairline that trails off to the side. I believe her part was off the the side. She must not have wanted Spencer to get all the braiding action!

Watch Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars on Monday nights at ABC Family.

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