Gifts for Her: Good Christmas Gifts (See also: Cheap Christmas Gifts)

by on Monday, July 6th, 2009
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You may not win a shopping spree contest but we can still take a virtual shopping spree online at Urban Outfitters. Make sure to find a urban outfitters free shipping code & urban outfitters coupon code if you shop The store has a lot of great, funky things that make good Christmas gifts. So I present you here with a little list of good gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned for the one aimed at guys! Because yea, they deserve presents too, I guess 😛

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Urban Outfitters has a ‘cheap gifts’ section and I’ve looked around to see what is worth a purchase. Stuff I don’t like? While the Cupcake on a Rope is cute, who really wants to bother with soap on a rope? I’d skip the Lace Pedestal Jewelry stand because whoever you buy that for you’re really dooming to a lifetime of dusting that thing all the time.

Thoughtful gifts! I like the Love and Toast hand cream ($10.00) as a gift because everyone uses lotion (or SHOULD) and it’s not too personal of a gift. Plus, it’s cute! Candles are amazing! And they’re always a great gift. You can never have too many candles. Urban Outfitters has great candles on sale. There’s the Apothecary Candle for modernists & Illume Cylinder Candle for artistic folks ($12.00). Plus Aunt Sadie’s Holiday Candles ($18.00) are great for the traditionalists.

Useful gifts! The Mini Branch Wall Hook ($12.00) is a useful and cute little item. The site has a ton of little knick knacks – most of which you don’t love enough to buy for yourself so why would you give it to a friend? Back to useful things – the Robot Toothbrush Holder ($8.00) is really cute.

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