Fun Wallets to Enjoy Like the Rockstar You Are

by on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
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I’ve put together a grouping of seven different fun wallets for you to peruse whilst (do I sound British?) you procrastinate about doing work, or homework, or those sorts of things that you inevitably have to do. Speaking of, I have dishes to unload from the dishwasher… Eh. But maybe I’ll just keep shopping online. It feels, somehow, much MUCH more rewarding.

From rubber, plaid, cats or owls – I’ve got you covered when it comes to the funkiest wallets under $50.00.

fun wallet plaid

Item: Clubhouse Plaid Wallet from Zappos $31.00

Kiss closures at the top of wallets are my favorite kind, they’re so easy to use when I’m out shopping for more stuff. The plaid has enough pink in it to look cutsey.

cat walletItem: Sitting Kitty Wallet from ModCloth $24.99

I love cats. That’s the only reason I need to have in order to crave this cute wallet. It’s a new item at ModCloth so if you want it you probably need to order it yesterday.

leather wallet

Item: Stud Zip Around Leather Wallet from Arden B $19.50

This wallet is badass. I’m loving the tassel detail. It’s hard to pass up a good tassel, or tussle.

metallic walletItem: Metallic Wallet from Forever 21 $7.50

It looks kind of artsy, and I love the bold turquoise color. It’s very…Jackson Pollack? (Okay, I mean Jackson Pollock – oops!)

rubber walletItem: Diesel Rubber Wallet from Zappos $45.00

It looks so funky I want to throw it at people and see if it bounces. But chances are that they might hold onto it and steal all my money… Hm. I need to rethink this plan.

owl walletItem: Emerald Owl Wallet from ModCloth $31.99

Again I’m going to have to cite the ‘owls are cute, owls win at life’ rule that I’ve previously mentioned on this blog. And what are these owls? Angel owls? I can’t even tell. And you know what? I also sorta don’t care!

pink wallet

Item:  Lodis Textured Pink Wallet from Zappos SALE $69.00

Well, it’s just so PINK, and girly! I just…need it? I know that Elle Woods would approve. But you tell me, which of these wallets would you most want to buy?

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