EOS Evolution of Smooth Review (Chemical Free Lip Balm!)

by on Sunday, October 17th, 2010

When it comes to skincare and lipcare, what is the one word that really defines what you WANT? I’ll tell you what I want: smooth! Smooth skin and smooth lips! It should come as no surprise, then, that I’m a fan of the brand EOS (Evolution of Smooth.)

I became a fan only very recently, when I was sent a couple of their products to review.  I’d never used their stuff before. Now, because I am crazy-super adamant about applying lotion and lip balm both before bed, and after showers, you can never miss an opportunity to discover another quality brand that will give you what you need from your beauty products.

Whether you’re intrigued by the hype surrounding the product, or the cuteness of the packaging, your curiosity will be rewarded! My results were positive.

Evolution of Smooth, Lip Balm – Smooth Sphere: There are five flavors. And if I learned anything from those silly commercials about people in the Winter Olympics, we need SPF care even in the winter. The sphere is like a little futuristic pod, and you might expect aliens to pop out of it. Luckily, there was just a round mound of lip balm. What IS this lip balm? It is CLEAR, it has NATURAL flavor to it. It has SHEA BUTTER and VITAMIN E, and it lacks petroleum, parabens, gluten and phthalates – all ugly words I know I don’t want in my skin stuff! And, it’s not tested on animals! The balm glides on easily.  Some people use one swipe for both lips because the size is so large, but I preferred to do one lip at a time. It’s moisturizing, and I think it’s a must to wear with any other lip products (like under or over lipstick/ over lipstain/under lipgloss) because lips should always be moisturized! And because it has a flat bottom to the sphere, it won’t roll away if you keep it on a bedside table. It screwes shut, meaning it’ll never accidentally pop open and get ruined. I also think it can come in handy (I just typed “candy” am I in need of sugar?!) if you’re bored and just have your purse. Suddenly you have a ball to toss around for funsies.

The scent I tried was Lemon Drop SPF 15. I’m PRETTY PICKY about citrus scents, but this was a sweet lemon with a very subtle scent.

Evolution of Smooth, Lip Balm – Smooth Stick: This paraben free balm is the same as what’s in the sphere – meaning it’s 95% natural and loaded with vitamin e, shea butter and jojoba oil to get the job done. And the job can be done fast, because the stick is large like the sphere. One swipe over your mouth and you’re done with both lips. But I went the one lip at at time route. I’m not sure why they made these so large. These are perfect if you happen to be lucky enough to have Angelina-Jolie large lips, but most women only wish they did. I’d say the size would be more efficient if it was a bit smaller. Luckily these do click closed so it seems there’s no way it’ll ever accidentally open in your purse. (A major plus!) Anyway, if the sphere is just not traditional enough for you, this is your more classical alternative.

The scent I tried was Raspberry-Pomegranate. I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent, but it was also so subtle that I couldn’t really smell it too much.

Bottom Line on the EOS Lip Balms: A lot of the hype surrounding Evolution of Smooth is the cute packaging which uses fun colors and modern designs. I agree with that. But I’m not a fan of the texture of the packaging. (Although, I think these will get your KIDS attention and make them want to use them.) It’s kind of a rubbery, so it will easily accumulate and show scuff marks from being in your purse or your nails catching on it. HOWEVER, the packaging (I believe) is all RECYCLABLE. And since what’s inside is so good this chemical free lip balm is still a winner.

I liked the EOS Lip Balms and found it had a long lasting power.  I’d say it still lingered lightly even at four hours after applying.  The balms are around $3.

Never be that girl who is told in a magazine that she should exfoliate her dry lips with a toothbrush – ’cause, yuck. Just keep them moisturized well!

You can find these products at EOS, Drugstore.com, Amazon, CVS, and a retail store near you.

Disclosure: I was sent items to review but no monetary compensation was provided. The views expressed are my own.

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