Eve Organic Reviews: Some of the Best Mineral Eyeshadow and Best Mineral Brushes

by on Friday, September 24th, 2010

I am incredibly excited to have a chance to talk about Eve Organics with you guys. They have a large range of Organic Skin Care (Face and Body) and Chemical Free Mineral Makeup. Of all the makeup eyeshadows I’ve tried before, this was really makeup comparable to MAC. And BELIEVE ME, when I went to review this brand I had no idea I’d be able to give it such a high honor. That basically means that this is at the top tier of makeup I’ve used – especially when it comes to the eyeshadows and brushes.

I was sent some of their Makeup brushes and Mineral Makeup to review and talk about. Or type about, rather. Anyway. I love playing with makeup, and mineral makeup is still new-ish to me, making it even more fun. Even so, I’ve seen a lot of things. But I was really impressed by everything, and their brushes and sparkly eyeshadows especially wowed me. They have some of the best mineral eyeshadow selections.

Eve Organics Makeup Brush Review:

Pointed Face (Blush) Brush: This has to be one of the best mineral brushes I’ve ever used. It’s tapered and you can use it for your brush/bronzer or for your mineral foundation if you want a light coverage. You know how some mineral brushes are kind of scratchy? There’s none of that nonsense here. The brush bristles feel great on your face. I used it with the Eve Organics Blush in “Baby.”

Eve Organics  Mineral Blush Review:

Eve Organics Baby Blush: This blush is very fair, but I selected this one because I have a pale complexion. I love that it has these tiny little shimmery specks that illuminated my cheeks. The color also has really solid staying power that lasts for hours and didn’t fade. This is a qualifier for the best mineral blush I’ve used. I do wish that Eve Organics offered a couple other blush colors, something colored in-between the soft lightness of “Baby” and the strong rose of “Sultry Blush.” Of course, you never know, maybe the “Sultry Blush” actually applies lighter than it looks. I played it safe with “Baby.”

Then I was able to try some of their amazing mineral eyeshadows. They come in shimmers or matte. As stated, I was supremely impressed by their shimmers. You can use these wet or dry, and when wet you can even use them as liners. This is really eyeshadow comparable to MAC. Any color will look more intense when applied wet. And its’ super easy with the brushes they have. Especially their angled brush or (I would imagine, their slanted eyeliner brush.) You can apply any of these colors as eyeliner really easily.

Eve Organics Eyeshadow Reviews:

24K Gold Eyeshadow : This is a high sparkle concentration with a hint of gold. Great for highlighting or to provide illumination anywhere. The sparkles on this particular shimmer shadow are kind of loose and scatter more than any other. This is a really fun color, pairable with any shade. But that’s because it doesn’t have a large concentration of color. You could put this over any color to make it shimmer more. When used wet, it’s a “reflective foil” and it’s a much more intense gold. So lovely!

Camo Eyeshadow: A terrific forest green shimmer, this would pair great with Seashell Green or neutral browns like Silky Cocoa or Champagne. It’s very wearable as a green because it’s not a matte “HERE IS GREEN ON MY EYES” color. The Camo name is perfect, because it gives you the green you want without looking silly.

Mink Eyeshadow: This is a shimmer brown that’s a little darker than Taupe. Great for crease or allover. I suggest using one of these shimmers like Mink or Sassy with a matte brown like Pretty Pansy or Silky Cocoa. This one would pair best with the Pretty pansy.

Seashell Eyeshadow: This is a matte shadow. It’s a very light wash of seagreen. It’s a chalky consistency, meaning you get a very matte look. I think it’s great if you want a neutral base that isn’t taupe. The hint of green is nice. And green looks great with brown and hazel eyes.¬† Pairs great with most anything. A really great green when applied wet.

Silky Cocoa Eyeshadow: This is another really great solid with coverage comparable to MAC eyeshadows. This is a warm brown, perfect for everyday. Especially for creases. A big favorite of mine. Pairs great with Sassy.

Pretty Pansy Eyeshadow: Similar to MAC eyeshadows, this has great coverage and would work perfect for a smokey eye. Also great for creases. This grown has a bit of black in it. I think it’s supposed to maybe look purple (with the name pansy), but I didn’t see purple. It’s an ALMOST black, which I think is nice if you want a smokey eye that isn’t so severe. Pairs great with Mink. Perfect to use as an alternative to black eyeliner!

Champagne Eyeshadow: This is a light shimmer with a very subtle warm pink hue to it. If you want a little highlight but not as much as the powerful 22k gold will give you, this is a great more wearble, subtle alternative. The consistency of the shimmer is more concentrated, less obvious. It’s great for bases or highlighting. Really gorgeous. You just have to remember to apply enough. Don’t be cautious with this color. I really worked it on with a patting motion instead of just sweeping. I liked that look better. Pairs great with a lot of other colors, pretty much anything.

Taupe Eyeshadow: This is a brown shimmer shadow with a darkness and depth to it. Pairs great with any other browns. It’s listed in the matte shadows, and looks purple. But it applied like a dark brown shimmer. I think applied wet this would look more purple. And now that I think about it, the darkness probably is an attribute of the purple hue.

Sassy Eyeshadow: This is similar to taupe, but has a greater warmth to it. It’s not copper, but think in that direction. This would pair great with the Silky Cocoa.

I applied the shadows with two of their brushes. Both which I LOVED. These brushes were amazing. The synthetic bristles don’t allow bacteria to grow. The difference with these brushes is that the bristles are tight – which means there’s no messy application. Instead of eyeshadow powder/minerals flying loose from a fluffy brush, they stayed exactly where I put them. It gave me such greater power to control the colors and consistency I wanted (which meant I could really apply some sparkle where I wanted it and not have it wind up everywhere – and it also let me do a smokey eye without any worry.)

You can get sample baggies like I did for just $1 each.  I LOVED all of these. Seriously.

When I saw these pictures on the website I had no idea I’d actually be able to achieve the same look. I figured it was just a hyped up image, you know? But these shadows DELIVER, man. I’m very excited about them.

Most favorite: Champagne, Silky Cocoa. I mean, I loved every single one. How is that possible? I don’t know.

Least favorite: Pretty Pansy as a shadow, but I did love it as an eyeliner!

Eve Organics Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Reviews:

All Over Eyeshadow Brush: This is a perfect eyeshadow brush for blending and working lots of color over your eye at once. Meaning it’s great for applying your base color, and then helping blend in another color. It grabs the eyeshadow and really holds it until you sweep it on your lids. I’m a big fan. The only thing, if I had to pick, that I didn’t love was that the brush handles are circular, meaning they roll around on the counter. Sometimes the handles for brushes are more lean/flat which stops the rolling component. But I’d definitely rather prefer a brush that works than a handle that’s easier.

Angle Blender Brush: I’ve never used a brush quite like this! It’s formed perfectly to apply eyeshadow in your crease. Not only that, but it’s perfect if you want to do a really nice sweep of highlight shadow under your brows, or a little bit on the inner corners of your eyes. You cannot do without this brush. Well, I know that I can’t now. I adore it to pieces. I can’t believe I didn’t have a brush like this before. It’s in a league of its own. I have used angled eyeshadow brushes before, but the actual bristles here make all the difference. I would recommend this brush to anyone, of any age, with any eyeshadow color preference. It’s so frickin’ handy!

Eve Organics has tons more to offer in the way of makeup – like foundations, bronzers, other brushes, lipstick, lipglosses, lipliners, mascaras, brow powder, and that’s not to mention their seriously large line of skin care that features collections for Oily Skin (Clarity), Combination Skin (Balance), Dry Skin (Renewal), and all types (Immunity.) I am now a big fan of Eve Organics, and will look to them in the future for purchases.

Stay tuned to ShesSmart.com for future eyeshadow reviews, talk of what’s the best mineral makeup, and best makeup brush reviews.

Disclosure: I was provided samples to review, but was provided no monetary compensation. My opinions are 100% my own.

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