I’m Obsessed: Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash Review

by on Friday, February 4th, 2011

Sound some trumpets if you’ve got them (but, why do you have trumpets? …we need to talk!) Dove has a new bodywash! It’s called the Dove Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Wash with NutriumMoisture. If you can’t remember the entire name just look for the NutriumMoisture label on the Dove body wash. Because, pssst, that’s the most important part! And now I’m here to contribute to the Dove Body Wash reviews you might see online. This is a Dove Nutrium Moisture Review, more specifically. And super specifically: I really loved it!

dove nutrium moisture reviewAnd it has not gone unnoticed (by me)  that you can mispronounce Nutriummoisture to make it sound like “nutriYUMmoisture” so that’s a little bit of trivia from you to me, may it give you much joy, etc etc. It’s yum for your skin!

What is NutriumMoisture? “The NutriumMoisture technology found in this body wash combines skin nourishing and skin moisturizing ingredients to help skin retain its natural moisture by replenishing lipids lost during cleansing. This body wash builds on the Dove heritage of mild cleansing and superior moisturization for healthy, beautiful skin.”

nutrium moisture review

So, why did Dove decide to make a new body wash? Sometimes companies just want to update a bottle look or charge more, but Dove had an actual reason. They’re improving their body wash to treat your skin better. And why wouldn’t you want to treat your skin better?

Winter is harsh on the skin, this is a FACT (unless you live in Hawaii, maybe) and what you need is more moisture.

The press release says that the NEW Dove Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Wash with NutriumMoisture is, “specially designed to leave dry, dull skin feeling smooth and radiant.” You get shea butter and cream to treat your skin right in the shower.

So, I’ve been using another Dove bodywash recently and this meant I’m primed to compare their latest version with their last. I think that they have something great with this NutriumMoisture stuff. Basically, the body wash gets you clean, but it’s almost like a lotion that you’d put on and rinse off – like a face mask! There is not a lot of lathering or bubbles that you see, but I think that’s a sign that it’s not stripping your skin of moisture (kind of like how conditioners are.) I really love giving attention to both of my feet with this, rubbing it all over them and trying to keep them from being rinsed off in a balancing act I probably should not be doing. But the result is great! My skin feels definitely softer, including my feet. I see this as a treatment almost, you could maybe even skip lotion on your feet if you’re using this Dove bodywash. I’ve literally just paused to rub my hand over my feet. It’s actually a really nice surprise. I used the body wash this morning and then, unlike usual, didn’t put lotion on my feet. Normally my feet will then be totally dry and I’ll go crazy until I put lotion on – it’s a weird thing with me. But with this, it’s not such a problem. And that’s a clear sign to me that I can tell you guys that the Dove Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Wash with NutriumMoisture is definitely worth trying if you have dry skin. IT WORKS. IT JUST PLAIN WORKS! And isn’t that what you want?

The one drawback for this body wash is that I was not a fan of the warm vanilla and brown sugar scent. On the upside, the smell doesn’t linger too much and it’s not a bad scent, just not one I love. (Another drawback: the bottles are very bulky and hard to hold/use. I do think they need a redesign since lots of older women have arthritis in their hands.)

Other Dove body wash reviews agree, this is a great product.

Dove was nice enough to send me a bottle for this review, and they’re also offering one full sized bottle to one of our wonderful She’s Smart readers. Isn’t that thoughtful? Look for that SOON!

Visit: Dove for details on the rest of their updated products, including the Shea Butter Beauty Bar, which is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand of bar and body wash.

Have you tried any Dove body washes? What did you think? And hey – do you think your skin feels dryer in the Winter, or does it feel the same to you?

Disclosure: I was sent an item for review.

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