Let’s Hear it for your Glee-Worthy Hair! NEW Dove Therapy System Products are fit for a Gleek!

by on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

glee hairI already know you guys have noticed the fashion and style from the ladies on Glee, but what about their hair? Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) always has such glossy locks, even though her hair is so impossibly (enviously) long. But it’s not just the characters who need to have this nice hair. The actresses of Glee have to maintain the health of their hair on a constant basis since they are  always getting it styled, dyed, curled, and put under strong spotlights (there’s always a price when you’re the star!). Their stressed out hair needs a way to kick back. And the equivalent of going to the hair spa is using these new Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners.

If you’ve paid attention to any of the Glee promo’s going on lately, you have probably noticed that Glee and Dove have paired up together. This spring, Dove is the Official Hair Care Sponsor of the Glee Live! Concert Tour! So if you’re wondering why Dianna Agron’s hair is so bouncy and shiny – it’s Dove she has to thank. And I bet she does, because she seems very polite and sweet.

Think your hair doesn’t need some TLC?

Dove conditioners have had a total makeover (worthy of a movie montage!), and now have these things called “Fiber Actives”. The conditioners are formulated specifically to target the stress and daily damage that occurs to your hair. Don’t think your hair is stressed? Think again. The environments you’re in, the hair accessories you use, even brushing your hair too much can all contribute to making your hair a little worse for wear. Because your hair is something you do wear every day, it’s worth it to give it the very best care.

Why Dove? Why these exact shampoo’s and conditioners over any other brand?dove hair care

What makes these NEW Dove conditioners so great? So glad you asked! The new Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner contains patented Micro Moisture serum and new Fiber Actives that both protects and repairs any damage to your hair, so you can have the smooth locks you crave. Just thinking about how often I snag my hair while pulling it into a ponytail makes me cringe a tiny bit. The health of your hair isn’t just the obvious stuff – it’s not just split ends that can make your hair do look like a “do not EVER”. There’s all sorts of stuff going on inside your hair follicles.

What may have at one time seemed only a fantasy, can now be a reality. (And I often used to fantasize about being Sleeping Beauty, with her perfect blonde silky hair that swirled around as she sang and dance in the forest.)

Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner system works to strengthen hair and prevent damage.
• Fiber Actives penetrate deep inside the hair strand to help reconstruct damaged proteins
• Patented Micro Moisture serum continues to care for the outside of hair – strengthens and nourishes hair from root to tip by sealing lifted cuticles and smoothing hair

My personal experience:

dove new conditionersI tried two of the Dove Therapy System Conditioners to review -“Intensive Repair Dove Therapy System” and “Daily Moisture Dove Therapy System” . I thought I had pretty undamaged hair, because I almost always air-dry it, and I never dye it. But even after the first first time I used the Daily Moisture conditioner, there was a visible difference to my hair. So far, I’ve used the daily moisturizer every day for the past four days, and the intensive moisturizer once. My hair looks and feels like I’ve just been to the salon and had them use very expensive products on me, then given me a professional blow-out. When my hair dries after a show it feels light. And for someone who has very long hair, this is a huge blessing. As I mentioned earlier, I was considering chopping off my serious length because of how heavy my hair has begun to feel. But if I use these Dove conditioner’s I really won’t have to. It’ll be my choice. And your hair should always be your choice.

Other than feeling so so light, my hair has a shine to it without doing anything but air-drying it. No shine spray or straightening needed if I don’t have the time to bother with that. And it’s incredibly easy to manage and manipulate with all of my hair accessories. I’ve started playing with my hair in front of the mirror, trying out new hairstyles. Having better, reinvigorated hair is inspiring! And it turns out you don’t need a new haircut for that theory to work.dove hair

For anyone wondering my method. After I shampooed my hair I turned off the shower and kept some of the bath water in the tub. I wrung my wet hair, so that the conditioner would be able to sink right against the hair without sliding away. As instructed, I took a dollop of the formula and ran it through my hair. Remember that you put conditioner only on the lower part of your hair -never the scalp. Working the conditioner in, I did take some of the front sections of hair on both sides of my face and make sure they also got some of the conditioner on them. While I let this sink in, I shaved my legs. I gave the conditioner time to really sink in, and I think that helps tremendously.

I wasn’t sure what I’d exactly be able to write about conditioner, but it turns out that when something is really good and it works (and is pretty cheap compared to other pricey salon brands – which don’t even give you results this good, tch) you can’t shut me up! I absolutely love these new Dove conditioner’s.

Click this picture to be taken to this page where you can learn more about each! Image from Dove.com. No copyright infringement intended.

Click this picture to be taken to this page where you can learn more about each! Image from Dove.com. No copyright infringement intended.

The new line for Dove contains shampoo’s and conditioner’s:

  • Daily Moisture Therapy System (Damage Level: Medium)
  • Intensive Repair Therapy System (Damage Level: Intense)
  • Color Repair Therapy System (Damage Level: Medium)
  • Volume Boost Therapy System (Damage Level: Light)
  • Heat Defense Therapy System (Damage Level: Light to Medium)
  • Frizz Control Therapy System (Damage Level: Medium)
  • Shine Boost Therapy System (Damage Level: Light)
  • Go Fresh Therapy System (Damage Level: Light)
  • Plus Styling Aids!

Head on over to  Dove Hair Care & Dove Hair Glee for All for:

  • Enter for a chance to win a visit to the Glee set
  • Get Dove free samples (limited time)
  • Special Glee tour rehearsal performances by Lea Michele
  • Exclusive footage from the Glee tour
  • Hair care messages from celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan
  • Dove Hair Care product informationglee on fox

Disclaimer: The (future) Dove giveaway is sponsored by Dove and Rocket XL. I was sent the conditioners to test, but received no other form of compensation. My opinions are my own, and you can trust that I am being honest because lying about haircare is something I could never do to my fellow ladies.

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