Dossage Fragrances Review (One perfume smells like Euphoria CK!)

by on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Forget about matching a perfume and a cologne together, Dossage Fragrances has done the work for you!

I received four Dossage fragrances to review. The boxes and bottles are very French chic, with black and white swirls. There are no names for the fragrances, rather, there are numbers. And the idea is that each female perfume has a male cologne counterpart. So you can your boyfriend or husband can compliment each others scents by both wearing the same number.

I found that the one male/female number combination I sampled did compliment each other well. Of the four scents that I reviewed, only one would I not recommend. Let’s begin!

I had several people, aside from myself, also smell the scents.

No 8 Black Label for Him – Green leaves, sandalwood. “Inspired by: Santa Barbara, Marbella, and Australia.
Dossage No. 8 for Him users are confident when they are on, challenged to live life to the fullest every minute. Scent notes include Citrus Accord, Crushed Green Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Sandlewood Mysore. The No. 8 man knows who he is & what he wants.”

I do believe this is a scent that is described perfectly. It smells really nice, and it’s definitely for a confident businessman type of guy. I had my sister’s boyfriend sniff it, and he did like it. So did three other friends.

No 8 White Label for Her – Black currant, white musk. “Inspired by: Santa Barbara, Barcelona & Sao Paulo.
Dossage No. 8 for Her is a fresh crisp scent for the Active woman on the go. Striking women who while influential in their fields are confident, poised and centered. Scent notes include crisp Citrus, Tangerine, Lemon, Black Currant, Red Fruits, Lily of the Valley & White musk. The No. 8 woman knows who she is and what she wants.”

This is a really nice scent, I definitely liked it. It has a deep, rich smell. Very luxurious. My friends all liked it. It really did compliment the No. 8 Black Label for Men very well.

No 16 Pink Label for Her – Citrus, rose, vanilla. “Inspired by: St. Barts, Miami & Las Vegas.
Dossage No. 16 is a high energy fragrance. She knows how to maintain her priorities yet reward her self with luxury items. Scent notes include Citrus, Mango, Peony, Rose, Vanilla & Ambery woods. Bold and sensual yet very flirty the No. 16 woman knows who she is and what she wants.”

I have to admit that neither I, nor three other of my friends, liked this scent at all. It smelled cheap and overly fruity/floral. I think perhaps it was difficult to combine the vanilla and rose with the citrus successfully.

No 24 Purple Label for Her – Green floral, tuberose, musk. “Inspired by: Paris, Rome & Florence
Dossage No. 24 is a subtle yet provocative fragrance. Intrigue and mystery are some of the thoughts that come to mind about No. 24. Scent notes include Tuberose, Green Florals and Sensual musk woods. The No. 24 woman is that girl that has a special flair, witty, elegant and very passionate. She knows who she is and what she wants.”

This perfume smells like Euphoria by Calvin Klein, which is a great scent. And they did not try to copy it or market it as being similar, it’s just something I noticed. We all liked this scent a lot. And I think the description is spot-on. This is an elegant, passionate scent. (Fragrances similar to Euphoria – everyone agreed to this statement.)

Edit: We have been contacted by the press people for Dossage who wanted us to note that they are unaware of any similarity to Calvin Klein Euphoria. We were never saying it was a matter of purposefully trying to smell like that, only that we like Euphoria and it smells similar to us.

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Disclaimer: Items received for review.

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