Cat Scratch Boxes Reviewed

by on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
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Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Big Mama's Scratchy Box Slim Purple

Fat Cat Kitty Hoots Big Mama's Scratchy Box Slim Purple

Sometimes you really have to put your pet before yourself. I mean, even in the ways you wouldn’t think to! See, I have a new piece of furniture and I really don’t want my cat scratching on it – and she already had tried. (Bad kitty!) One of the things I’ve bought for her before is one of those scratch boxes with the catnip you sprinkle on it. But that box was old news (all destroyed) so I needed a new one. Since I am one who shops smart, I look for the cheapest option that still looks decent. I thought I’d found it with a certain scratch box. And it even seemed better because this particular cat scratching box you could flip over and have used again. And I was sold by how the box was decorative and had little yellow tassels. The entire packaging, logo and branding process was so cute. Plus it was natural and recyclable and who doesn’t want eco-friendly pet stuff? So I happily bought this from the pet store and went home thinking it was going to be the best purchase EVER.

Omega Paw SBW Scratch Box Wide

Omega Paw SBW Scratch Box Wide

And the cat will NOT use it.

What she does is try to lick the cardboard for hours. She’ll hoist a paw up on the box, she’ll rub her head on it – but she won’t scratch it. What I’ve realized is that this particular box (though super cute) is way too thin. She likes to sit or lay ON her old box. So now she’s just going to lick this new box to death! However, if you have a small cat – or lots of kittens? This would be perfect. It’s the Big Mama Scratchy box. The verdict for my one year old cat is that she loves it – but not to scratch – to sniff!

Ripple Board Scratch'n Massage

Ripple Board Scratch'n Massage - This has great Amazon reviews! I wanna get this.

From what I know, my cat loves going at any cat scratch box more than using expensive scratching posts. Which is good for my wallet. I think it has to do with the fact that the catnip included with these boxes can really be rub into the natural grooves, and she can see her destruction – as well as hear it. Scratching boxes for cats are a great idea to keep your furniture safe. Wanna save your stuff? You pretty much NEED a cat scratch box of some sort.

Omega Paw SBW Scratch Box Wide – A

Omega Paw SBE Scratch Box Everest

Omega Paw SBE Scratch Box Everest

wide box is always a good option.

Ripple Board Scratch’n Massage – Okay, it’s a bed of cardboard which you’d think would not be comfy, but cats seem to love it. One of my old cats used

to go lay on paper – I think it keeps them warm. Either way, this looks cute and cool and I wanna let my kitty try it!

Cosmic Pet Double Wide Scratcher

KONG Cat Naturals - Incline Scratcher

KONG Cat Naturals - Incline Scratcher

Brand I’ve used most for these cat scratch boxes in the past. They’re good.

Cat Scratch Box – An incline is a good idea. I try to incline her box naturally but then it moves around.

Cat Incline Scratcher – Again, inclines are good for the scratching boxes.

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