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The deal is, your skin is being assaulted by external factors all the time. This is one of the reasons the skin on your face ages and gets wrinkles. So, you want to mount a defense. Like armor, but, well, way more comfortable.

Dr. Adam created a line of items using his big ol’ science brain. The brand overwhelms me, but the items in it are so worth checking out that I’ve gone through all of my materials to bring you the information I think you most need to know.

First, who is this Dr. Adam? And is he really from Paris?

Dr. Adam is a chemical engineer graduated from of the very prestigious National Graduate School of Chemistry – Paris. He holds over 50 exclusive patents for items in human health, so great is his ability to invent such dynamic breakthrough components.

And, yes, I think he’s from Paris. He’s at least French!

What has he done with this crazy, immense talent? He’s created a large range of hypoallergenic dermatological skin care for his brand, dr. adam, PARIS. This is essentially a scientist who worked to create the very best formulas for keeping skin smooth, soft, and youthful. It’s all been created for sensitive skin, and to help banish signs of aging. The name for what he’s done with these creations is, cellulo-therapie or Cellular Therapy. Which I’m sure you know all about… uh, but just in case you don’t…

What IS Cellular Therapy?

Cellular Therapy has been scientifically developed and products formulated to identify and combat dermatological skin problems which result from one or several tissular or cellular causes. The combination of active ingredients act in such a way that there is direct action to correct the issues and satisfy the skin’s requirements at the cellular or stem cell level.

Why was I interested?

I had the chance to try the items with “exceptional anti-aging” properties, and that phrase certainly attracted me. I’m nearly out of my 20’s and really determined to keep my skin looking as best as it can be. Wrinkles? I don’t freakin’ want them! I’m at the age where I’ve started to consider slathering lotion over myself twice a day because I’m imagining all of the moisture secretly seeping out when I’m not paying attention, leaving me like a shriveled, singing California Singing Raisin claymation thingy. (I am showing my age with that reference, I KNOW.)

The skin care products are:

*Physiologically complimentary, non aggressive, and respectful of natural cellular life cycles. Promoting regeneration and renewal.


*Exceptional results, clinically proven
*A sense of relaxation, reassurance and comfort which has not been paralleled
*A perfect tolerance to all skin types; hypo-allergenic, intended for the most sensitive skin.

My overall thoughts

Why I love Dr. Adam Paris skincare is because I know a whopping amount of thought and science went into the formulas. It’s smart skin food for your face, you know? It’s like forgoing the cheeseburger and going for a spinach smoothie. And just like what happens in that more literal metaphor, I feel so much better about myself when I opt for the healthy option. When you make smart choices you feel good about yourself. (That’s probably not a surprise to you, but it’s worth saying.)

I was sent several products after being told what kind of skin I have. It was easy for me to say my age and be sent stuff, but I constructively think the website might be a bit more user-friendly in terms of the categories, and suggestions of what products pair well with others. I’m such a big fan of organization, you know? I just like it super, super easy and clear.

As great as the science is to what makes this product so great, I also think making it seem less intimidating might help. Of course, I like the bottle design and all the lingo because it helps remind me what it is I’m buying into.

I think if you’re an older woman who’s super rich, you should go for less Botox, and induldge in buying every last one of these items and use them as directed (a mud mask every week!) because if you care that much and would otherwise spend hundreds of thousands, this is premium care.

If you’re not one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and I don’t think I respect any of them except Kyle Richards…), I’m very aware that money is usually an issue. Although I think spending more on skin care is ultimately better than spending on make-up. Skin care is not the area to skimp on, you want to use enough product so it works but take care to only use as much as you need for each product.

I look at the website and I’m not even entirely sure what all marvelous things came to me because there was so many items and there are a few I’m not sure what they do. Seriously, they may want to label things with numbers because some people may not remember to use serums under lotions, let alone when to use the bottle droppers of potions. And it’s not that I doubt the magic of any of these products, I’m just being honest to say that it can be a bit overwhelming for an average user.

My dr. adam, PARIS reviews

And because I so badly want to do this company justice as I know they’re worth it, and want to convey to you guys every last bit of information I can, I did a few things (aside from using the products):

I put on The Corrs Radio station on Pandora and sat down with my laptop, the actual bottles of items I lugged out of my bathroom, and the booklet that was sent with the items. I’m not a big believer in needing these types of booklets to tell you too much information that you can’t easily find on the website and the bottles… however the website is a bit overwhelming as I mentioned, and the company is French so the back of the bottles… are in French. Which isn’t their fault, I’m the one wanting to use this French magic! While I always use these booklets to look up special things, I’m normally not consulting them as a holy grail. But this time, I did.

I did manage to find out the exact names of everything I’m using:

Detoxifying Cleansing Milk – If you need a sensitive cleanser, this is fabulous. It’s like using milk… that’s what it looks like. It doesn’t froth and lather to strip your skin of oils. You apply it to the skin and it removes make-up while also eliminating toxins in your skin that can make your face look red. What’s funny is that I am not sure if you are supposed to rinse this off or not! But I did. Global Satisfaction Index: 80%, highly significant in skin cleanliness, removing impurities and ridding the skin of make-up. I think it’s nice for dry skin like mine, but unless you have Rosasca or something, this isn’t an item I’d say is a must-have. It’s good, it works, but it’s a bit pricy.

Total Moisturizing Masque – Okay, so what is the point of this mask? Very highly significant amounts of patients in a trial found this mask worked to have their skin feel more comfortable, moisturized, radiant, and look younger. You keep this on for 10-15 minutes. I think this is a very nice item to have as long as you plan to actually use it. And you can use it once a week, which is nice. Honestly, the more I read about it the more I want to go use it right now.

Soothing Toning Lotion – Alcohol free tonic! It tones, hydrates and calms skin. It “is respectful of the pH and hydrolipidic film of the skin. It’s not a lotion, you use this before your lotion. Think of it as an extra layer of protection.

Cellular Anti Stress – This has a patented item that destresses your cells. This comes in a bottle dropper and it helps your skin fight against fatigue, stress and dieting. It wakes your skin up. It’s ultra moisturizing and also gives you brighter skin. A little goes a long way. My skin feels firmer when I use it. It makes you luminous. Is it necessary for you to have luminous skin? Well, you tell me. Cause I sure as hell want it. This is great anti stress skin care that you’ll really enjoy.

Anti Aging Nutritive – There is a patented intense renutritive factor. This item also comes in a bottle dropper and it’s good to moisturize your skin in a big way. It is ultra hydrating and the best friend for dry skin. I find this to be a must-have if you have dry skin.  It’s expensive, but a little goes a long way here.

Anti aging Repairing Night Cream aka Creme de Nuit – I told you Dr. Adam has patents, right? So, one of his patents is in this! It’s DRC 4g and it’s a damage repairing complex 4g. It’s meant to regenerate the skin while you sleep, repairing cellular damage. I became a big fan of this cream “Creme de Nuit” every night. Your skin wakes up rested, relaxed, strengthened and generally fortified. They say after 28 days your skin will appear more youthful – which is the length of cellular renewal. And this is highly recommended as a preventative treatment the moment you see your first wrinkles. Um, I am CLUTCHING this item because I don’t want wrinkles ever. As a girl on the cusp of 30, this is the must-have product by dr. adam PARIS for me. And in studies the results are basically really good, with 66 people using the item once a day for a month and 84% of them reporting decreases in wrinkles, and 58% a decrease in wrinkle deepness. They also found they had better moisturized skin, smooth, and soother skin.

Ultra Light Preventive Anti Aging Care – The patented item here is ANF 83 – Anti Aging Nutritive Factor 83. This is a non-greasy lotion to use in the day. Nearly 50 people in a study found highly significant improvement in their skins’ hydration, softness, signs of tiredness and so on. You can use this in the day or night. And it also works on wrinkles like the Creme de Nuit.

Final thoughts (Hint: A+)

I think this company could do major things in the States, especially with the upper crust who will sell anything for youth. I’d recommend having a restructured and slimmed down website, beauty consultants to help Dr. Adam in videos to show that anyone of any age can use these items. (I’m imagine youtube videos, almost like you see on QVC, with the Dr. and a perky 30-year-old woman who is explaining things in more simple terms about how you pick the items and what the major benefits are.) I think really the products are probably as close to perfect as they can be, but it’s the presentation and packaging that can be improved upon. Which isn’t to say it isn’t good…. the marketing for this brand is very friendly… I still felt a little over my head, is all. There are numbers on the items, indicating factors and complexes, and I’m not all sure what that means? I also don’t know what Nuclear Magnetic Imaging is, although it sounds mighty fancy! I just need to feel more eased into a new brand, like there’s great stuff I can get but I’m not going to feel like I don’t belong as a member to the special club.

I really, really believe in these products and think these will be some of the best skin care products I use in 2013.

Find it all on: http://dr-adam-usa.com/

Disclosure: As stated above, I received these items free to review. No payment was received to sway the outcome of this review. I have only written my honest thoughts, which you can trust.

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