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by on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Are you ready to read about some of the best lotions for dry skin? Uh, YEA YOU ARE. Dry skin is awful! Yuck.

I have a new favorite daily routine. And it involves a piece of wisdom that can be used by anyone, anytime (unless you’re camping and have no access to a shower, or you’re trapped on an island like on Lost – then you’ll have to find other ways to bliss.) After you shower, your skin’s pores open up (warm water opens things, cold water closes the pores) and your skin is just so much more susceptible to soaking up nutrients. This is why you should always apply lotion right after a shower or washing your face. I always cover my target areas with lotion after a shower. Those areas are my face, hands, elbows/arms and feet/ankles. Those are the areas I care about the most and tend to get dry without daily TLC. (My skin is pre-disposed to be dry, I think! Which is why I think natural skin care product reviews are important to share. Especially when they give you positive results. Natural is always better!)

So, I mentioned a routine. I received some products from Belly Buttons and BabiesCalming Baby Massage Lotion, Lavender Chamomile Baby Body Wash/Shampoo and the Orange Blossom Soothing Nursing Cream.

The Lavender Chamomile Baby Body wash is great for laying under the lotion. It has a beautiful, clean scent just like the lotion and it helps create a spa-like mood for your own, boring (I’m assuming) bathroom and shower. It’s the power of the lavender scent (which is great in general, but Belly Buttons and Babies has a particular lavender scent all its own) and knowing – feeling – that you’re using a high quality product.

Use this pure and gentle foaming wash & shampoo for bathing babies and children. Certified organic essential oils work to relax baby and help soothe and care for delicate skin.

After I shower the Lavender Chamomile Body Wash I apply my (always oil-free) face lotion and then go sit in a big chair in front of the TV. If I have time, I turn on Netflix with my Wii as I’m re-watching Weeds (great show, and I heart Justin Kirk and Mary-Louise Parker SO much!) The idea is that I want to be immobile for at least five minutes – not walking all around is possible. Then I apply some of this great lotion that they sent. One of which, isn’t so much a lotion but can work as one. You’ll laugh if I tell you what it is… and you know I’m going to tell you!

The scents are beautiful. And unless I plan to wear perfume on a certain day, I always like to wear scented lotion. Your mind is very aware of scents, and it influences your mood. (Aromatherapy is very real!) So, once I’m calmed down with a refreshing shower, I massage lotion onto my feet, ankles, hands, elbows and arms. (Sometimes my legs.) And then I sit there, and I smell the delicious soothing scent of the lotion and feel very feeling a sense of weird tranquility (that I very much enjoy.)

Taking care of my skin is important to me – not just because I want it to look good, but because I am hyper-aware of how my skin feels. If my elbows because rough, elephant elbows (I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before!) then I’m unhappy. The same goes for my feet. If they’re rough, then I’m annoyed. And this brand makes products that really do help smooth things.

The Calming Baby Massage Lotion is safe for babies – but you can use it on yourself, too.  And I treat my skin like a baby, so I wanted to give it a try. My worry was maybe it would be too fragile of a lotion to work on my skin very well. But I was wrong. I requested this because the scent is LAVENDER – and I am a major, major fan of the calming scent of lavender. And the scent with this massage lotion is fresh, clean, and not overpowering at all. It smells beautiful. I had also been concerned the lotion wouldn’t work because when you see the consistency, it’s thin. But surprisingly, it works very well. It’s not greasy in the least.You might not be able to order from the kid’s menu, but you can certainly take advantage of their skin care secrets! If you have a baby, they’ll adore the massage and love the graceful scent that lingers on them as they restfully sleep. (This could possibly make your baby sleep more, since scent is a very powerful trigger to your mind!) What is the best baby lotion? I’d say this is definitely a contender.

Soothing, relaxing creamy massage lotion for your baby. Ideal to use after bath time, just before bed. Only baby safe essential oils have been used in this formulation. May be used on older children too! Studies have shown that babies who receive regular massage sleep more soundly than those who don’t. Moms and dads can use this massage lotion when they need some relaxing time together. Safe for the whole family.  This product also features calendula oil to soothe the delicate skin of mothers and babies.

I don’t care if this nursing cream is for sore nipples. It works wonders on your skin ANYWHERE! And if you ever wanted to moisturize your breast region, normal lotion isn’t really powerful enough. The scent of the Orange Blossom Cream is great because it’s not strong like a lot of citrus cents are. It’s toned down to a lovely smell. I feel very pampered after I used this – and I use it just like lotion on my feet, elbows, hands, etc.

Belly Buttons & Babies™ Soothing Nursing Cream is made using the safest essential oils for nursing mothers and helps in keeping the breasts supple and prevent stretch marks.

In honor of the name of the brand, I even put a small dollop over my belly button region and massaged it in. It felt great! Haha! If you have kids, this brand has great products to keep around the house which are safe for younger kids to grab for if they want to use what Mommy uses.

And here’s the big sticking point about these Belly Buttons and Babies products: after three days of using the Massage Lotion and Soothing Nursing Cream my major problem skin areas – elbows and ankles were DRAMATICALLY less rough and much more smooth. I alternated what I used, and I put it on in after a shower and then a little before bed since I sleep with a fan on myself. Any lotion that can really work on my stupid dry elbows is a GODSEND. I don’t care if one of the products is meant for nipples! My nipples wish they were as lucky as my elbows are! … Er. Well, you know what I meant. I am frankly, excited to find another rarity in the beauty world: lotion that really works to moisturize elbows and ankles. This is a find for some of the best lotions for dry skin.

Make sure to check out Belly Buttons and Babies for 100% natural skin care products gentle enough for a baby. Your friends will all want to know your secret.

P.S. I was wowed (but was not surprised) at this mention on their website: To prove the products really do work, each product has been independently blind tested on a panel of 60 women between 3-8 months of pregnancy. With each product scoring 8/10 or above, we are confident that Belly Buttons & Babies™ products deliver results.

The baby picture is by Christian Habisreutinger as Moonsheep on Flickr. The second picture is by LaBellaVida on Flickr. The third picture is by Originality since 1994 on Flickr. The fourth picture is by Blueberry87 on Flickr. This is just a collage, they do not endorse the product.

Disclaimer: As stated above, I received the products to give an honest review but was not compensated in any other way. My opinions are my own and not influenced.

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