Avanti Ultra Review: Wet to Dry Flat Iron

by on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Frizzy hair has been OUT since the 80’s, and sometimes you just want ultra smooth hair. That’s where the genius of a hair straightener comes in. Before these were popular, I knew a girl in high school who would literally take an iron to her hair! (Which I guess is creative, but also seems like it was dangerous.)

The Flat Iron Experts sent me the Avanti Ultra, Wet to Dry Nano-Titanium, Nano-Silver and Nano-Ceramic Digital Flat Iron (1″ inch) AV-TITAN Nano Croc. For short, we just call it the Avanti Ultra Wet to Dry Flat Iron. Easy, peasy. And using it was equally as easy…and…peasy? Sure!

I love the idea of not needing to wait for completely dry hair. With this, you can use it on wet hair, and they say you can even expect some steam to happen. But you aren’t supposed to use it on straight-from-the-shower hair that’s dripping wet. No, no, no! You should let your hair dry a bit first, especially near your roots.

I don’t think the straightening process really begins until your hair IS kinda dry, so if you spend a lot of time using it to dry your hair – you still need to take time to then straighten it. The key is to use it when you have damp hair or already dry hair. Some flat irons cannot be used on damp hair at all, which is a pain when you need to get going. I’m happy to know that I’m safe using this on wet hair, and that the Nano Titanium plates are made in a way that won’t damage my hair.

The ceramic technology in the Avanti Ultra makes sure the heat is even on the plates, which is helpful when straightening hair. The ceramic has natural negative ions and far infared heat. And now I will explain what I’ve learned about what those things MEAN:

  • The Nano-Silver technology is great because silver has very little resistance, which means no pulling or tugging at your hair as you style it flat. This is very important since I have thick, naturally wavy hair that fights against the straightening process!
  • The Negative Ion technology is great because the neg ions close your hair cuticle to make it appear sleeker. It’s almost like you’re using a straightening product, but you’re not.
  • The Far Infared Heat is great because those rays dry hair from the inside-out, resulting in less hair damage. The other way means hair would get dried from the outside and then have to really dry the outside to penetrate inside the hair strand.

I used this flat iron after using only using Head & Shoulders shampoo + conditioner in 1 (guys, I have a dry scalp – don’t mock me!) I didn’t use any extra shine sprays or straightening serums. And it really did give me nice, straight hair without any frizz. (Thank you, negative ions!) Because I have long, thick hair I probably would do better with larger than just 1″ plates.

This is one of our picks for Accidental Autumn Happiness! (2010)

I liked that you could heat it to different degrees, including up to 450F for super thick hair like mine.(You can read the heat on a digital display, and it’ll automatically heat up to the number you leave it at when last used.)  It slid through my hair like silk (no pulling!), and heated up quickly.

The design is nice. It has a slip-resistant thumb hold, has an ergonomic design, and the Nano-silver coated dual cover keeps the handle from getting very hot. PlUS – THERE IS A TANGLE FREE SWIVEL CORD. I didn’t notice this until I was like, hey, shouldn’t the cord be giving me problems? And then I noticed why it wasn’t! God, love that little feature!

I’ve read plenty of reviews of this particular flat iron, and other flat iron’s. Many people say this is their preferred brand, especially for thick hair. The consensus is clear on this – it’s one of the best wet to dry flat irons. Huzzah!

Disclosure: I was sent an item to review but was not monetarily compensated in any way. The views expressed are my own.

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