Anna Sui: Target Collection Picks

by on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
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anna sui for target

Anna Sui for Target Mohair Cardigan – Heather Grey $50. But is it too shapeless? It looks cute, but you can’t really belt it… or can you?

anna sui dresses

Anna Sui for Target Seersucker Dress w/Lace – Black – $60. This works best on someone with a naturally petite figure. Not good if you have curves like large breasts and pronounced hips. This dress also runs a bit small. It’s something you’d see on Twiggy! Only hers would be white with big black shiny buttons.

anna sui lace dress

Anna Sui for Target Lace Halter Dress – Black $70. If you look at the detail up close the lace is really cool and I like this dress a lot. Pair it with a wrist full of bangles and some (or all) of your hair pulled back/up.

anna sui vest

Anna Sui for Target Acrylic Glencheck Plaid Vest – Black/Gray $20. This is such a great, versatile piece. I LOVE vests. It’s so affordable, too. You can wear this all through fall and winter. Wear long-sleeved shirts under it, and then pile a cardigan over it. And then add some long necklaces! Boho librarian chic? Totally.

And let’s make fun of the rest of the collection!

Those are the only items that I really like that Anna Sui has done for Target. You would really be asking for trouble if you got the Tulle Top. I mean, on the runway this might be able to look cool. Reality? Weird. Reminds me a little of a French airplane stewardess or something. It’s trampy. Uh, not that I’m calling all French stewardesses trampy…

I WANT to like this patterned dress because the neckline is cute, but it’s so unmistakable that once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. And then you’re just the girl with the dress that everyone else has.

I have no idea what Anna Sui was thinking putting out this cotton top thing… It’s so unflattering. If you designed this for Project Runway, Tim Gunn would be making such a trouble face. It looks like bulky armor – no, tacky armor.

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