Using Your Scalp to Treat Your Depression? You Can Certainly Try, I Will Be

by on Saturday, May 8th, 2010

scalp massageYour scalp is like the overlooked member of the family that never gets any attention. But I’m thinking about it today because I was looking at the slideshows on MedicineCabinet (which are so gross, omg – I should not have done that!). I came across one of the more harmless slideshows –  which was about your hair and scalp.

One of the pages mentioned that massaging your scalp will really help your brain. “Your scalp is covered with nerve endings that make it super-sensitive to touch. Rubbing your scalp increases blood flow and releases tension. It also triggers your brain to release feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.” Ding, ding, ding, I love anything that mentions ways to get my serotonin triggered! This won’t cure depression, but it can’t hurt. Unless you start massaging your scalp too hard, because that would hurt.

Massage Your Scalp!

scalp treatmentsPhytopolleine Universal Elixer – Scalp Stimulant $32 “An essential-oil blend that awakens the scalp.”

Stila Fragrant Hair Refresher in Creme Bouquet (an scalp treatmentamazing Scent that Stila no longer makes as a perfume!) or Jade Blossom. $28
Rub this into your scalp as you massage it to refresh your hair, and give it an amazing scent that will boost your mood.

Use a Gentle Shampoo!

gentle shampoosDERMALOGICA Shine Therapy Shampoo 237ml/8oz $22 “A fragrance free shampoo that can be used on daily basis. Adds volume to hair & reduces flakiness while revitalizing scalp.”

SLS Free Stimulating and Repairing Shampoo 8 oz repairing shampooSALE $11
“… shampoo blend for stimulating hair growth,and repairing damage dry hair and scalp. The essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, and Pink Grapefruit will increase circulation and repair the hair follicle.”

shampoo barFull Stop Shampoo Bar with Wheat Germ and Jojoba Oils. PLUS Orchid Extract for Improved Scalp Health. $4
“BathLife™ shampoo bars are true soap, exceptionally mild, and handmade from scratch using a recipe of high quality oils that are actually good for your hair.”

Don’t Pull Hair Back Harshly!

Sweet And Simple Hair Pins. Gold $12 Instead of a severe ponytail, loosely creative hair pinspull back the sides of your hair and secure with these.

rose headbandNot so gray day headband $15 “Metal base makes the headband adjustable to any head shape and size! Bottoms are covered with ribbon. Very comfy”

How to give someone else a scalp massage:

How to massage your own scalp:

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