Achieve Yvonne Strahovski Hair (Photos)

by on Saturday, March 19th, 2011

If you’re a fan of CHUCK then you know Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker, super spy! In a recent episode (The CAT Squad) I loved her hair so much I wanted to share some screencaps with you guys. To achieve this particular Yvonne Strahovski hair I’d say you should use a straightening cream (to make everything smooth) in your hair, then use a small straightening iron to straighten hair and then curl ends under.The pictures will help you see how her hair is. The front should be turned towards your face, not under.

If you want to ask for a Yvonne Strahovski haircut you should ask your stylist for long layer with the front part angled towards your face. I think you also want some sort of razor cut at the ends towards the front. Your best bet is to print out some of these pictures and take them in to the hair salon with you. I heard stylists actually like when you bring in a picture for them to reference! (I used to think they’d be annoyed.)

yvonne strahovski hair

yvonne strahovski hair photos

yvonne strahovski haircut

yvonne strahovski hairstyles

And, here’s some photos from InStyle!

With a twisted updo and a Colette Malouf hair clip:

yvonne strahotski hairstyles

Here are some full waves:

yvonne strahotski hair

Wearing a bewjeweled headband that’s actually a Philip Crangi necklace:

yvonne strahotski hair photos

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