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Delicious Different Brownie Types Reviewed

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

brownie types

If you crave brownie variety, I just found your heaven. Gourmet Gift Baskets sent along their Brownies Sampler Bakery Gift for me to review and give an honest opinion about for you guys. And…oh my goodness. Seriously? I really, really was impressed.

Aside from me passing along this knowledge, you’re probably interested in the BROWNIE GIVEAWAY that is running right now. Go enter!

These are moist, fudgy brownies. With the large assortment, my favorite was definitely the unusual, sweet ones: white chocolate macademia nut, butterscotch (perfect consistency, I must say), cheesecake. (Cheesecake pairs excellently with chocolate, duh!)

The pictures are perfect for showing you exactly how they arrive. Moist in the middle, delicious, crackly layer on top. You’ll smack your lips. Even better, each of these brownie types is packaged in its own little plastic unit. Which means you can so, so easily take one to work or for a school lunch. Heck, if you’re feeling selfless go share one with someone else. And you’ll feel very generous, because these brownies are huge! They’re larger than you’d think to cut for y ... Read More

Dog Show Pictures 2012 (Plus: what is a dog show like?)

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

meet the breeds

I had the enormous pleasure of attending a dog show in 2012 with my BFF. With no idea what to expect, I discovered that if you love dogs then you’ll love a dog show (duh.)

What is a dog show like for someone not competing:

  • If you don’t have a dog, you’ll still get to experience a lot. (And no stress.) You’ll get to be giddy as you walk around and see dogs quite literally EVERYWHERE. And while the smell isn’t always great, people are making sure there are no messes and that the smell isn’t too bad.
  • There are vendors everywhere, selling everything from jewelry, picture frames, to elite dog collars and beds. There are also dog show items for sale, such as special training accessories. While the dog-based jewelry is usually tacky, there are great deals on real gemstone jewelry going on.
  • The dogs at the dog show don’t bark. They are so well-behaved that they don’t need leashes (but they’re on them.) There are tiny, tiny dogs that you want to SMOOSH. There are also HUGE dogs that are so tall they seem like they could pass for a thin pony.
  • There ... Read More
  • Ergonomic Grater by SLICE – review

    Monday, April 2nd, 2012

    ergonomic grater

    I can’t think of any way an ergonomic grater could be better than this Slice one designed by Karim Rashid.

    The Slice grater uses ceramic teeth because it’s non-allergenic, chemically neutral,  impervious to acid, fat and salt. What does this mean? t won’t rust and it will stay sharp.The only issue I have is that ceramic can break easier than stainless steel. However, this is a cute design and it will easily stand up on your counter without wobbling. So, that problem is fixed basically as soon as it arises in your mind.

    The soft handle is perfect to hold as you grate, and it doesn’t slip or budge in your fingers.

    It’s different than the graters you have seen with holes, and that was done because this style is easier to clean.

    Product features for this ergonomic grater

    – Ceramic lasts longer than steel – Stays sharp – Never rusts – Lightweight non-slip finish ... Read More

    Ergonomic Pepper and Salt Grinder by SLICE – review

    Monday, April 2nd, 2012

    ergonomic salt and pepper shakers

    I’m a major ergonomic enthusiast, and that’s one of the main reasons I’m so drawn to Slice products. But it’s by no means the only reason.

    After having a chance to use the Slice Ceramic Mill, I’m ready to endorse it fully. I opted for the black and white option, so that I could easily tell between pepper (peppercorns) and sea salt. The design is by Karim Rashid.

    SLICE Ceramic Mill - Black and White

    Shaking out stale flakes of pepper is never good, you have to grind it to get the flavor. So when I say these are ergonomic salt and pepper shakers, it’s only because you might not realize you should be searching for ergonomic salt and pepper grinders.

    The look of this grinder is very modern. It’s glossy and mostly white. That’s not entirely the look of my kitchen, but the usefulness outweighs everything. Plus, the more I look at it the cuter it seems. It reminds me of a frog with two big eyes.

    ... Read More

    Elephant FRONT Trunk Sweater (Cutest thing ever!)

    Sunday, April 1st, 2012

    elephant trunk sweater

    This is not the elephant trunk sleeve sweater you’ve already seen a million times.

    While the sleeve trunk sweater is cute, it can’t compare with something hand-knit! Here, you see this adorable kids sweater and there’s an elephant trunk in the front that was stitched and attached separatley. I couldn’t resist showing you guys. If you do know how to knit, I imagine this could be a pretty fun project to tackle.

    ... Read More

    SLICE GIVEWAWAY! ergonomic tweezer and safety cutter – giveaway blogs site

    Thursday, March 29th, 2012

    Want to win a pair of really excellent tweezers and a very safe cutter to help you open packages, dvd shrink wrap and all sorts of stuff? Of course you do! You’ll use both all the time!

    Slice Safety Cutter

    Ergonomic Tweezers: Combo-Tip Soft-Touch Tweezers

    We are using Rafflecopter for this SLICE giveaway. There are so many ways to enter!

    // ... Read More

    Variations of BROWNIES Giveaway! Sampler Bakery Gift

    Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

    brownies variations

    Did you know Gourmet Gift Baskets is now offering delicious baked goods? To promote this, we’re running a giveaway for a Variety Brownie Sampler Bakery Gift (worth ~$34.99.) The flavors are listed below.

    The winner will receive 1 of each brownie flavor/ brownies variations, instead of 2.

    • Belgian Chocolate Chunk
    • White Chocolate Macadamia Blonde
    • Butterscotch Blonde
    • Cheesecake
    • Peanut Butter
    • Fudge Walnut

    To enter you must live in the lower 48 states and you (if you are the winner) you must respond and send us your address by April 18, 2012. We are using Rafflecopter for this.

    // {/literal}*/ // ]]> ... Read More

    Best Way to Cut Multiple Coupons – SLICE Safety Cutter review and pictures

    Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

    Slice Safety Cutter

    I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t need this product.

    Between my various writing jobs, I receive at least one or two packages every day. Sometimes it’s a box covered with tape, sometimes it’s a thick envelope full of bubble wrap. And scissors on their own are not the easiest way to open things. No, the Safety Cutter by Slice works far better than anything else I’ve used.

    Slice Safety Cutter

    I’d say you don’t have to take my word for it and you can just see the dozens of positive star reviews on Amazon, but I really want you to listen to me!

    There is a tiny ceramic blade that let’s you safely and quickly open or cut into items. They suggest using it for scrap booking, cutting coupons, taking shrink wrap off of DVDS… all sorts of things. It’s safe, it’s not going to cut you – which amazes me. I mean, they want me to put this on a keychain? I tried putting it a ... Read More

    Comfortable, Ergonomic Tweezers by SLICE – Review and Pictures

    Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

    Ergonomic Tweezers: Combo-Tip Soft-Touch Tweezers

    In a few words: Pretty. Ergonomic. High-Quality. Useful.

    The only reason to change the tweezers you use is if they really give you a drastically better performance. And I found that with these Slice Tweezers.

    If you want a really great ergonomic tweezer that’s easy to use, then you want a good designer behind the product. And that’s what you have with the new Slice line of tweezers, all designed by famed architect Michael Graves.

    Ergonomic Tweezers: Combo-Tip Soft-Touch Tweezers

    I was sent a pair of the Combo-Tip Soft Touch Tweezers, and I believe it when they say it took them two years of testing before they settled upon their final design. But why do I believe that? Because I can hold it in my hand not just easily, but near perfectly. They refer to it as being “hand-filed and perfectly aligned.” It’s got a coating that keeps it easy when you grasp it in your hand and with your fingers, which is nothing I’ve experienced with the dozens of tweezers I’ve used before. But that’s not the only thing that sets this pair of tweezers apart.

    These Michael Graves tweezers by Slice are offered in this combo-tip which has both a slanted and ... Read More

    Kate Middleton Style Guide for 2012

    Sunday, March 25th, 2012

    kate middleton style

    Kate Middleton aka Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge recently visited schools in Cambridge for her role as Patron of The Art Room. Here she’s leaving The Art Room’s classroom at Oxford Spires Academy School on February 21, 2012 in Oxford, England.

    The brown dress she wore was by Orla Kiely. This label has plenty of items perfectly suited for her style, that she either has worn or may wear in the future. If you want to get Kate Middleton style, then shopping here will help you achieve her look even without copying the exact dresses. (Which is great, because then people won’t have seen the dress on Kate, and think you’re a true style genuis!)

    ... Read More