If I was down to my last dollarI’d spend it on public relations.” – Bill Gates

We are happy to lend a stylish and discerning eye to your product and give a thorough review. Obtaining a trustworthy, insightful and savvy review is a priceless marketing tool that increases product visibility. But you already knew that! Half of the battle is just getting people to know that your site is out there, which is where we come in with not just links to your site, but tips on what we love most.

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A review on will contain pictures, links to your website, purchasing information, and at least 200 words. It will be marked as a featured review on the blog and you will receive a link when a review/contest is live on the blog.

Everything is done to ensure buzz is sent to your site (as long as we love it, we have no problem promoting it!), and can only increase the chances of people wanting to buy something even if they don’t win the giveaway.

A review is always run along with a giveaway as it helps compensate our writer’s for their time in setting up and running giveaways.

You are allowed to have more than one item reviewed, or to do a giveaway for more than one item.

The lines of communication will always be kept open for you. Items reviewed will not be mailed back. Review will be posted within 30 days of receiving the product (usually it will be reviewed the week it is received). A direct mailing from a company (or person) to the winners is mandatory, do not mail prizing to us. Giveaways open to all US residents, age 18+, no p.o. boxes. A visit to a companies website is made mandatory for giveaway eligibility.

Please note that we will never accept money to pen a good review. Samples sent for review are never intended as payment for favorable opinions. Any feedback we give, either positive or negative, will be true to our experience with your product.

If you would like to advertise on with a banner are rates are $80/month for a 125×125 spot, $160/month for a 300×125 spot or $320/month for a 300×250 spot.

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