View it! My New Wrought Iron Headboard Decal from Trading Phrases

by on Friday, October 8th, 2010

Hopefully you are already aware of what wall decals are, and how much they can help transform any space in your home, apartment or dorm room. (I WISH I’d known about these when I was in an ugly dorm.) Trading Phrases has a great selection of wall decals, and I really love their name. Because really, isn’t that what wall decals are all about? Getting a fun change up to a room, without a permanence to it. This means you can decorate a nursery and not let your kid grow up into their teenage years with little ducks on their walls. (Unless they had a thing for ducks, and wanted to.)

I was able to sample a decal from Trading Phrases. It arrived quickly, and in a tube (because the decal I picked was the Wrought Iron Headboard Decal, meaning it’s all one long piece.) I am going to be eco-friendly and keep the tube to store some old posters in, aren’t  I clever? Haha. I think that when you need some inspiration, decals are be one of the best headboard ideas you’re going to encounter. You can always change them up later on.

I picked a headboard because the thing is, I have a short wooden headboard, but with the height of my mattresses and my pillows, you can hardly see it. That means I can’t really buy a different headboard, I have to work with this one. And I really wanted more presence and attention brought to the head of my bed. Because my walls are a dark-ish green blue and my bed is a white-ish color, I picked the color Celadon which is a pale green. Posts are included, but I did not use them.

I managed to do this all by myself, which probably wasn’t smart. A super long decal that’s only really one piece is the hardest type to apply! I mean, think about it – it’s the length of my bed! But I was determined to do it. I used masking tape to mark out the four ends, and then applied it slowly. I still managed to rip it by accident! However, you can’t even tell. I am VERY impressed that I managed to do this, and that it’s centered and straight!

Something so nice about Trading Phrases is that they provided two small decals with the order (and every order) where you can practice first. …I totally should have practiced with those first. Hehe. But everything still worked out well! It feels like a huge accomplishment, and yes, I’ve bragged about it. Hehe!

Here are some of the best wall decals on Trading Phrases:

Stay tuned for a decal giveaway later!

File this under: home decorating bedroom ideas!

Disclosure: I was sent a product to review, but was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.

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