Two Necklace Trends to Try, Pronto!

by on Thursday, November 26th, 2009
Eastern Snake-necked Turtle

This Eastern Snake-necked Turtle wants to wear necklaces so badly he's ...well, you see. His's crazy-long! Turtles are creepier than I realized...Let's back away slowly... (Picture from wollombi on Flickr)

I am not usually a big advocate of trends. I mean, if you’re not rich then you can’t reasonably afford to shop the trends except in cheap ways you won’t really be satisfied with – at least most of the time. But jewelry trends do tend to move a lot slower than other trends. And what, is someone going to laugh at you for wearing a certain necklace past when other people were? I don’t really think so. Because if a piece is pretty – truly pretty? Then that’s all people care about. And that’s all YOU, my friend, should care about. Shop smart and shop pretty. Don’t shop with other people’s expectations in mind.

So, trends. There are two necklace trends that I want to mention because you’re bound to see them in lots of stores right now. And I think you should get at least one type of them, or resurrect a similar sort from your jewelry box. Because there will be lots of these types of necklaces there will be lots of variety and people will be putting time into making these necklaces look great. That’s one good reason to shop trends.

What are these necklace trends I’m yammering on about? Chain-link necklaces and multi strand necklaces.

chain link necklacesChain link necklaces: Chain link necklace by Fossil @ Zappos ON SALE $38.40 from $48

multi strand necklacesMulti Strand Necklaces: multi strand necklaces @ Forever 21 $5.80 also in gold.

multi strand necklaceMulti Strand Necklaces: Three-Strand Czech Link Chains @ Amazon $115.00. It’s pricy but oh-boy do I love this necklace! I’d wear it a lot so in terms of cost per wear this is actually a major winner for me.

garnet necklacegarnet necklaces

Multi Strand Necklaces: Garnet Necklace I have also fallen in love with this Garnet Necklace. Garnet is actually my birth stone, even! This isn’t exactly what I meant by multistrand necklaces, but it DOES have many strands, and it is also a necklace. The judges approve! (Hint: I am the freaking judge here!) @ Amazon $76.00

multistrand necklaces
Multistrand necklaces: Leslie Danzis – Multi-Strand Two-Tone Chain w/ Crystal Accents Necklace, 36” @ Amazon $69.99

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